Romancing the Lens

October 10, 2021



Shan Arcega

Dianne Doctor’s love for photography bloomed after her mother bought her a point-and-shoot camera. By her second year of college, Doctor’s love for photography had blossomed into a hobby that shadowed her through photography class, free time in school, and especially during travels. Like every budding photographer, she immersed herself in as many photographically possible situations she can fit her camera lens into, taking still photos, buildings, flora, fauna, streets, and portraits of people. As her passion grew, so did her thirst for more challenging and better shots that could rival the photos you see in magazines and books.  

Jewel Changi Airport – Designed by Moshie Safdie. The newest hang-out place in Singapore. Who says you can’t shop and dine at the airport? 

“Then I thought, I want my shots to look “alive”, a photograph that would speak on behalf of me, that would tell its story and resonate with the audience. And that’s how it piqued my interest in Architectural Photography and Street Photography.” 

In photography, timing makes up half of a beautiful picture. Sometimes, this element isn’t something that one can find within the safe haven of the hometown. For Doctor, the idea of traveling and finding the most beautiful shots through unexpected turns was one of the catalysts that drives her to capture amazing photos.

Potato Head Singapore – Located at Keong Saik Road, it is a heritage building that surely will catch eyes for its unique architecture. Makes one wonder, what was it like back then?

“I think what drives me is the enthusiasm in exploring unfamiliar places. Spontaneity often leads to that “lucky shot” than that of what I had planned.” Doctor says, “I also wanted to immortalize these travel experiences through photography and be able to share it with other people. It is even more fulfilling when people appreciate my work and give positive comments, which gives me the motivation to level up my skills.”

Skillwise, Doctor’s photographs are known for having a nostalgic quality. Apparently, this style was an unintentional effect. 

“It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. I travel to explore not just to experience their diverse and rich culture but also to see its heritage and modern architecture. Every country has its own distinct architectural style, the ones we mostly just see in books or online. To travel there, immortalize it through photography, and seeing it in person gives you this feeling of happiness and satisfaction. An experience you will never forget.”

CapitaSpring Tower – c.2021 Eye-captivating, newly built high-rise building was jointly designed by BIG and CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati located at Singapore’s CBD.

“I always take photos at golden hour and blue hour as the warm highlights, colors of the sky during the sunset, and the long, dark shadows make a dramatic effect and add more depth to the photos. Sometimes I shoot in a wide-angle to show the entirety and perspective of the subject and close-up shots for the details.”

Photos courtesy of Dianne Doctor

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