The Right Tool for the On-the-Go Artist

October 8, 2020



Louis Esguerra

The perfect combination of power and mobility is key on the set of the new normal

When laptops were made, the tech industry was attempting to address the needs of a mobile workforce. The new normal we live in now has people working from home and in different project areas that don’t require long-distance travel. Remote locations such as hotels, cafes, and co-working spaces require portable hardware to use. For artists, a powerful and efficient laptop is a must as they need pixel-perfect visuals and ultra-fast large file transfers generic units can’t offer. It was only a dream for these professionals to be able to bring their workstations anywhere their job requires, but ASUS, who constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation, has turned that dream into a reality through the ProArt StudioBook series, built to address these specific needs and requirements. 

Create anywhere

The ProArt StudioBook series is a mobile workstation perfect for professionals who are always ready to hop in their cars and head out. Weighing only 2 kilograms, the ASUS ProArt StudioBook 15 offers an incredibly high level of performance that can deliver light-speed computing and professional-grade graphics bringing any architect or designer’s ideas to life anytime, anywhere. Speaking of life-like, its exceptional and immersive experience from its wide gamut display provides outstanding color accuracy. If it’s switching from one program to another, the ProArt StudioBook offers a super smooth and responsive multitasking experience. Utilizing these powerful machines will give creatives the power to visualize, design, and turn any project into a reality.

Slick and Stylish

Aside from power, a laptop needs to be portable. Any artist transferring from one work environment to another needs a device that is easy to transport. These thin and compact machines in the ProArt StudioBook series can easily slip into a briefcase or messenger bag. The devices also carry a striking personality, with a classy star grey finish and rose gold highlights that truly represent any stylistic preference.

On-the-go artists can carry the power equivalent of their original workstation in the ASUS ProArt StudioBook series, combining mobility and excellent performance in a thin and compact laptop that fits into anyone’s bag. This series allows professionals in any industry to utilize its incredible horsepower; stable multitasking; and vivid, accurate colors in a single portable device.

Explore and expand your art with the ASUS ProArt StudioBook 15. Visit ASUS Philippines and ASUS For Business‘ Facebook page, or click here to learn more.

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