Avignon Clinic in BGC: The First Smart Aesthetic center in the Philippines

December 17, 2021



Catherine D. Ong

Last November 20, 2021, premiere aesthetic center Avignon Clinic unveiled the pillars of modern beauty solutions as it opened Avignon’s BGC Premier Clinic. It’s the first ever smart clinic of its kind in the Philippines – a safe, spacious, high-tech aesthetic and wellness center that looks and feels like a 5-star hotel.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Chris Cachuela (Avignon Clinic Founder and CEO); Dra. Angela Camagun (Avignon Clinic Medical Director); Archie Carrasco (Businessman and Chairman of One Mega Group); and Avignon Clinic ambassadors – beauty queens Cindy Obenita (Miss Intercontinental 2021), Hannah Arnold (Bb. Pilipinas International 2021), and Victoria Velasquez (Miss Universe Charity 2021).

The Clinic’s newest ambassador, international drag queen Manila Luzon, also attended the event. Manila cannot help but gush over the hotel-like facility of Avignon, which for her can compete among the best in the world, including top clinics in Beverly Hills, USA. “Coming from Los Angeles, it is beyond everything that I have seen in Beverly Hills. I am very honored to be here,” the global star explained.

Manila is also very thankful for how Avignon embraces inclusivity as she was allowed to represent the brand to the market as a drag queen. She said, “It’s wonderful to see that we are opening the doors to all kinds of people, to help them feel more beautiful about themselves… because beauty really is about how you feel and Avignon is part of that.”

Guests were welcomed with a few words from Chris Cachuela as he talked about the inspiration behind the design of their new clinic – the high-end boutiques of New York. From its gold and brass exterior to marble interior details and runway-ready lighting, Avignon is fit for any superstar.

In addition, Cachuela excitedly shared what made Avignon Clinic Premier the first ‘smart clinic’ of its kind in the country. As you step through the front door, you will be met with technology meant to simplify and modernize your aesthetic experience. Devices, thermostat, mood lights, UV lights, and even curtains are controlled via a table interface or touch switch.

The intimate event followed strict safety protocols that included an on-site antigen swab test, mandatory use of face mask, disinfectant misting, and socially distant interactions.

Visit the bigger, better, and bolder Avignon Clinic Premier in BGC!

Photos and Descriptions from Avignon Clinic Premiere press release

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