The necessity of self-isolation at home during the pandemic made everyone realize how it is important to have a comfortable and truly livable home. Even with the means and the opportunity to build the perfect home, knowing how to properly invest in a property and maximize its potential is a different story. Architects Luther Sim and Joy Sim, of Sim Ateliers, rose to the challenge of their project’s constraints, creating a design solution for B Residence that exceeded expectations.

The beloved property is situated along the public road of a private residential compound in the heart of Metro Manila. Being along the main artery, the prominent residence was required to maintain a regulatory setback from the road, an open area which occupied a large portion of the lot area. What was first seen as a weakness became the starting point of the whole design. The architects converted the setback into B Residence’s best asset: the spacious private courtyard garden, from which the residents can catch a relaxing glimpse of the lush green space. With its construction being completed in 2020, it’s a safe haven for the owners, allowing them to live in a house full of positivity in the midst of the unfavorable health situation in the country.

B Residence stairs
Usually, circulation spaces are kept at a minimum and tucked in a corner, but the architects also believed that these spaces are dynamic living spaces that having great views that completes the totality of luxurious living. (Photo Credits: Benson Go)
B residence courtyard at night
By using full-height glass panels in the living room, residents can enjoy the calming unobstructed view of the private courtyard. Also, these panels being operable, makes it easy for residents to usher their guests into the garden for some chats over coffee or an intimate gathering for a barbeque night.
B Residence Garden
The well-thought beautiful landscape, designed by Plontur Incorporated, not only adds to the overall aesthetics. These plants and trees also act as natural buffer from the noise and air pollution brought by the nearby public road. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)
The vertical elements of the black-framed full-height glass panels and the gray painted metal framework breaks and balances the long horizontal illusion of the house. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)

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By adding the metal framework with a minimalist approach, Sim Ateliers saw the potential of this feature which now delivers three functions – first, it serves as a brise-soleil that reduces the direct heat from afternoon sun; second, it gives drama to the façade as the vertical elements cast its shadows towards the glass walls whenever the sun projects its light unto the house; and third, it provides privacy to the more exclusive and confidential parts of the house while still allowing users to get a view of the garden.

At first glance, the façade of B Residence evokes out Coco Chanel’s quote, “Simplicity is the key to elegance”. Neutral colors such as white and gray created a sophisticated blend with the black-framed full-height glass doors and windows. Materials with natural colors, such as the wood-grain finish ceiling spandrel and the natural stone wall cladding, combine with the green elements of the landscaping to create an airy, tropical vibe. Aside from being the perfect space for a courtyard, B Residence’s setback also provides much-needed space for privacy, not only from the main road but from the neighbors as well. Going through the foyer, residents and guests are welcomed by the open landscape exuding the overall luxurious atmosphere of the house.

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The location of the main living room is perfectly framed by the charming and delightful landscape. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)

Through the foyer, residents and guests access the entertainment room on the left, while the right side directs you to the main living space. The ground level of the house contains common areas such as the living room, the dining room, kitchen, and service areas. The second and third levels are occupied by the bedrooms. Each room is designed with its own suite, complete with walk-in closets, own bathrooms, and balconies. As a treat to the principal users of the house, the master’s bathroom and walk-in closet also enjoy a view of an intimate garden inside without compromising privacy.

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Being adjacent to the main living room, the dining room also experiences the same unobstructed views of B Residence’s private courtyard through the clear full-height glass operable panels. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)
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The elegance in simplicity is consistent all throughout B Residence. Even the kitchen itself exudes grandeur with its intricate and finishes and warm colors. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)
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The minimalist and warm approach on the interiors, especially in the bedrooms, positively invites the residents for an uninterrupted time of rest. (Photo Credits: Benson Go ©)
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This magnificent toilet that’s even accentuated by its own private indoor open landscape not only brings comfort but even took it to the next level, bringing a hotel-like experience inside your very own house. 

“Through careful study and analysis, we were able to create beautiful surprises and vistas as you experience B Residence. Not only the public spaces open up to the courtyard, but also the bedrooms, with filtered shading architectural elements. Wide openings and long overhangs allow the users to enjoy the design strategy.” Sim Ateliers shares. The architects express their ultimate goal with B Residence’s design: “Embracing the outdoors with the indoors is what we always have in mind when we strategize lovely spaces.”

B Residence architectural plans

B Residence has an innately sustainable architectural design, through its remarkable ways of allowing maximum natural light and ventilation to penetrate the interiors. Additionally, the architects built systems that use renewable energy where the rainwater is collected for the plants’ irrigation. The house was nominated for the best building of the year 2020, under the residential building category for ArchDaily Building of the Year 2020 Awards.

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