Heim Interiors Designs a 80-sqm Bachelorette Pad For A Jetsetter

March 26, 2018



Denny Mata

modern and androgynous bachelorette pad, realized by Heim Interiors. Pheobe lives by herself with her mini-Pomeranian dog, Megan, keeping her company; and her lifestyle is a hectic one. She bought a bi-level unit on the first floor of the building because “I wanted high ceilings because I don’t want to feel like I’m in a [small] box.”

She wanted a “very neutral” look for her bachelorette pad, one that would feel welcoming to everyone and would satisfy her desire for an androgynous look. “I didn’t want a place that made people think it’s made for a girl. I want them to feel as if a boy or a girl could live here,” says Phoebe.
She chose Heim Interiors to create her bachelorette pad because of the freshness and quirkiness of their portfolio. “People associate Heima and Heim Interiors with more feminine and colorful details, but we’re really client-focused. We don’t dictate our own style,” says Rossy Yabut, head of Heim Interiors. “The advantage with Phoebe is that she knows her own style. She wanted the look of MyApartment [a sub-brand of Heima], which is more masculine.” After their meeting, Rossy and her team went on to create an androgynous café vibe for the first floor of the bi-level unit. This was interpreted through the layout and interior design.

Of all the cities she has visited, Phoebe says Amsterdam is her favorite because of its laidback atmosphere. The living area aims to recreate this with the use of warm colors and textures, as seen in the copper lamps and wood accent wall on one side, counterbalanced by the soft blue of of the walls. Frames with inspirational messages or names of cities can be found in this area, further strengthening its café look. Most of the furniture was customized by Heim Interiors.

The bachelorette pad has no formal dining area. This free up space for a showcase kitchen with a island kitchen countertop. Two outlets are installed on either side, allowing Phoebe to work with kitchen appliances or her laptop here. The bar stools in the kitchen were customized, so that their height is just right for the counter top. The copper pendant lights were likewise customized for the space, as well as the black kitchen cabinets on the wall. All the cabinets and shelving have no handles for a clean look. When Phoebe has time, she likes inviting friends over, as she loves entertaining and cooking. “In my old house, it was frustrating to cook because our kitchen was ugly. So that was one of my requirements for this place, dapat maganda ‘yong kitchen.”

The bedroom continues the style used in the lower level, with white and soft shades of blue for the color scheme, and textures of wood and steel as seen in the side table and lamp. In the original layout of the condo, the master bedroom was separated from the bathroom by a wall. Phoebe requested that the two areas be connected to each other, so Rossy and team created a walk-in closet to bridge the two.
Phoebe was heavily involved during the design process, giving detailed (if not quirky) instructions as to how she wanted the interior design to go. With a bachelorette pad that’s equal parts androgynous, sleek, and cozy, Phoebe has found a place she can plop down in and enjoy with friends after a long day of work, or after another of her travels.
This story first appeared on CondoLiving 2015 Vol. 10.1. Edits have been made for CondoLiving.OneMega.com.

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