B&B Italia outdoor collection blurs boundaries of living spaces

February 6, 2018



Denny Mata

Driven by their technologically innovative design vision and philosophies, designer furniture source B&B Italia highlights another set of outdoor living solutions that carries the sophistication and elegance of indoor furniture by British design duo Doshi Levien, and Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa.

The en plein air collections, “Bay” by Doshi Levien, and “Fiore” by Naoto Fukasawa presented by B&B Italia at the IMM Cologne 2018 in Germany both display ergonomic and formal qualities and comfort that are distinctive characteristics of the company’s indoor products.

Bay Armchairs by Doshi Levien | Photo courtesy of B&B Italia
Bay Sofa by Doshi Levien | Photo courtesy of B&B Italia

The internationally acclaimed duo of Doshi Levien, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, realized this obscuring of the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces through their signature interlacing of many worlds in their works. Doshi Levien’s “Bay” collection blurs the contrast between concepts of sculptural, rock-like form and transparent, light visuals.

Each outdoor seat features an interwoven pattern of double polypropylene fiber that creates pockets of air, giving the impression of transparency and lightness in contrast to the monolithic shape it takes. This enveloping volume of the seats conceives a welcoming and refined feel to the outdoor space, mimicking that of the indoors.

Fiore tables by Naoto Fukasawa | Photo courtesy of B&B Italia

Combination and interconnectedness continue in Naoto Fukasawa’s “Fiore” collection of large and small, round or square outdoor tables, inspired by his previous “Papilio” collection. “Many years ago, I called my chairs ‘Papilio’ because their silhouettes reminded me of butterflies,” says Naoto Fukasawa. “Now I have called my latest project ‘Fiore’ or flower in Italian, because ‘Papilio’ chairs sit around these tables like butterflies flying around a flower.”

The Japanese designer’s “Fiore” cement tables that come in white or greige, seamlessly blend in with his “Papilio” chairs that have the same fluidity in form and complementary colors. This ingenious mix of furniture pieces set up a pleasant space for a quick morning meal or an afternoon pick-me-upper.

In an age of “bringing the outdoors indoors”, B&B Italia’s new innovative outdoor living collection encourages to bring either space in or out and create a living space that transcends indoor and outdoor environments.

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