Benilde Open 2024: A Spotlight on Curious Filipino Creatives

January 13, 2024



The BluPrint Team

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde recently announced the launch of the Benilde Open Design + Art. An exciting initiative marking the college’s 35th anniversary, it’s a vibrant celebration of creativity and innovation. It invites Filipino artists and creative professionals from diverse disciplines to send in their proposals.

The Essence of Curiosity

At the heart of Benilde Open 2024 is this year’s theme “Curious”. This fundamental human trait, crucial for evolution and learning, stands as a source of hope and resilience. In a world beset by global conflict and climate change, the initiative aims to harness this curiosity to drive discovery, learning, and innovative solutions.

Focus Areas and Submission Themes

The Benilde Open encourages exploration in areas such as sustainability, the interplay of craft and technology, and the integration of the digital with the real. Proposals should examine the synergy between movement and sustainability, traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, and virtual experiences with tangible realities. This thematic approach is designed to inspire both Benildean and non-Benildean creators.

Submissions are open to Filipino artists and creators from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. The initiative welcomes proposals from a broad spectrum of creative fields, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to art and design.

All proposals should resonate with the idea of curiosity-spanning sustainability and movement, the intersection of craft and technology and the exploration of digital and virtual domains.

This event is open to artists, technologists, engineers, industrial designers, craftspeople, illustrators, textile designers, animators, playwrights, composers, poets, filmmakers, cinematographers, lighting designers, fashion designers, chefs, and all creative practitioners.

Review Process and Recognition

A panel of local and international experts will review the proposals. Ten exceptional projects will be announced in March 2024. Each will receive a grant of up to Php 300,000, net of taxes. This financial support aims to assist in the realization of these innovative projects.

Beyond financial aid, Benilde Open Design + Art will also provide curatorial assistance for the installation of each project. This is to ensure a collaborative and successful execution of the selected works.

Benilde Open 2024 is part of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for Filipino creatives to showcase their talents, bridge gaps across various disciplines, and contribute to a community thriving on curiosity and innovation.

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