There’s no denying that your valuables deserve the utmost protection. Some items may have cost lots of time and resources to obtain. Others may be family heirlooms that hold generations of sentimental value or confidential documents that need to be locked up and secured. Just as we put effort into making sure our homes are built well to protect us, we must place the same effort into ensuring our treasures are sheltered too. For the best security that will perfectly fit your home, Chubbsafes is the safe choice.

For almost 200 years, Chubbsafes has been making high quality safe and vaults, providing solutions for cash, valuables, data and document protection. Its proven and certified burglary, fire, and ballistic resistance has been recognized by international accreditation bodies according to the most stringent security standards. Come any situation, rest assured that your valuables will remain untouched and unharmed.

Chubbsafes’ products come in multiple variants to fit any space: safes that can fit below your desk to cabinet types to store items in bulk; lock types ranging from combination, electronic, key, or a mixture of these; internal fittings such as compartments, shelves, or drawers.

The brand upholds certain standards when it comes to security and safekeeping so much so that Her Majesty, Queen of England herself awarded it with a “A Royal Warrant of Appointment” in 2017. No more hiding of valuables under your bed mattress, inside home cabinets, or in odd locations you might forget in the long run. Only give what’s best for your treasures by having Chubbsafes at home.

Chubbsafes is exclusively distributed by Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. here in the Philippines. They now carry safe models such as Viper, Senator, and Mini Banker, as well as the Fire File 31 cabinet. All safe models have anti-burglary and fire resistance certification by European Standards and the cabinet is UL certified.

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