Of late, the number of new structures that combine the sensibilities of art with the precision of construction are increasing rapidly. As nations continue to battle the uncertainties of the future as presented by the mayhem caused by Covid-19, art offers a resting harbor for tired spirits. The importance of architecture in our daily lives has never been more definite, as shown by the design of Bihing Tahik resort.

Deo Alrashid Alam certainly knows the importance of art and culture, especially in these trying times. As the founder of design firm DADA, he envisions the cities of tomorrow to be built upon the enriching ideas of art. “DADA is a company that aims to cultivate the future of architecture as a form of art,” he says. “We conceptualize and develop sustainable, practical, economical, and adaptable architecture designs,” he continues.  

Bihing Tahik

As a native of Mindanao, Alam possesses an understanding of the region’s culture and other trademarks, which can be seen in the design approaches of DADA for Bihing Tahik and other developments in the region.  

For Bihing Tahik, a resort located in the coastal municipality of Bongao, the capital of Tawi-Tawi, cultural identity is central to the overall theme. As the area is inhabited by the Sama Badjaus or the Sea Gypsies of the Sulu and Celebes Seas, these people are regarded as expert fishermen, deep-sea divers, and navigators. Built into the fabric of their belief is the role of the sea in the concept of life. Meaning “By The Sea,” Alam found his fitting inspiration in the elements of the open waters—the giant clams which are regarded as the “jade of the  sea.” “Following the smooth curves of the hardy clam’s shell,  the design for Bihing Tahik is a representation of its exterior strength and the equal marvel that is situated inside,” says Alam. “There is also a belief that clams possess the power to heal so it’s like infusing the design with healing properties,” he adds. 

Bihing Tahik

Out of the 12 species of giant clams found in the coral triangle, eight can be found in the Philippines. As the existence of these sea creatures is continuously being threatened as evidenced by its sharp decline over the years, Bihing Tahik also aims to put to fore an awareness towards its protection and conservation. Through intensive research, the team can come up with this composition that is perfect for the region’s tropical climate.

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