Bluprint presents: Redesigning Spaces in partnership with Kone

August 24, 2021



Miguel Adiarte

Last August 13, 2021, BluPrint not only created content for your entertainment but also the education of their loyal readers as well as their new followers. It was done through the KONE webinar hosted by Ar. Manolet Garcia and the webinar primarily focused on the theme “Redesigning Spaces”. It was a tricky subject to tackle given the broad spectrum of ideas that fit the theme but with BluPrint and KONE’s masterful selection, 2 world-class architects, namely Ar. Jojo Tolentino and Ar. Romolo Nati along with KONE’s Managing Director, Markus Nisula discussed the topics about green architecture and sustainable designs with on-point and informative design solutions.

The KONE webinar was opened most professionally with BluPrint Editor-in-Chief, Ar. Geewel Fuster, giving her warm welcome to the viewers followed up by a set of questions that triggered the minds of the viewers and also shaped the flow of the entire session. She asked how we could create new standards in rebuilding spaces given how the global pandemic has changed so much and also how we could still achieve these new ways given the limitations we are all under. These simple questions made it clear to the 400 people in the audience what was in store for them and what they would be learning about throughout the 2 hours of the webinar.

Ar. Geewel Fuster during her welcoming remarks.

Architect Jojo Tolentino opened up the stage for the KONE speakers as he discussed how future-ready offices can be made a reality much faster than we all thought. He ran through 10 vital points which included the use of wayfinding solutions in designs to better guide and navigate the people or workers of the office as well as digital twinning which is something that is becoming rampant in the construction industry due to the restrictions of personally being on-site. He also brushed on how improving the design of offices this way not only made them better because of the safety it enhanced safety it provided for workers but also because of studies which showed increased productivity and creativity with these open and flexible designs.

Kone’s Managing Director, Markus Nisula during the webinar.

Architect Romolo Nati followed Ar. Jojo’s wonderful presentation with something equally as interesting. While Ar. Jojo focused on how designs of offices were improved with the use of technology, Ar. Nati zoomed in on how technology can be fed data to ensure the sustainability of the structure he and his firm design. Most architects take into account the sun path of the lot when they start their design but Ar. Nati brought it up a notch by introducing parameters like rainfall and wind spread into the equation to further anticipate what problems the buildings they design will encounter immediately and eventually as the seasons change. This surely opened up the eyes of the audience and it was seen with how they responded with questions about his presentation.

Panelists during the webinar from top left: Ar. Manolet Garcia, Mrkus Nisula, Ar. Romolo Nati and Ar. Jojo Tolentino.

What followed was a conversation between Ar. Jojo, Ar. Romolo, and Mr. Markus, and in this conversation they dove even deeper into ways of how technology plays a big part in bringing in this “smart” movement. They tackled the usage of smart elevators and touch-less technologies as part of the adaptive solutions to integrate within the new normal planning of a building. Luckily, the webinar is still viewable on Facebook, click the link to watch the whole event

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