BluPrint Unexpected: How Young Designers Can Stand Out in the Real World

October 4, 2019



The BluPrint Team

Young and aspiring designers know that it’s survival of the fittest the moment they enter the real world. Knowing is one thing; being prepared is another.

Before anything else, you need to lay a foundation as you build your career from the ground up. Establishing credibility is difficult at first but if you play your cards right, your efforts will pay off.

When you build your career, you need to be well-equipped in every aspect from your exceptional portfolio to your bespoke suit. Bespoke suit? Yes, you’ve read that right. You shouldn’t only sharpen your skills but you also need to dress sharp.

When you possess the traits and skills of a great designer, you’re more than halfway there. Traits like being smart (you have a strong understanding of design techniques and principles); keeping cool (grace under pressure, despite the tight deadlines), and a creative problem-solver (smart solutions for space planning, design, and detail).

It takes time and experience to build one’s credibility, but it never hurts when you dress to impress, and budding designers are no exception. Why is it important to dress sharp when you apply to your dream firm?

You draw positive attention the moment you meet your future employer and client. Cliché as it is, first impressions last. A young man in a suit displays signs of maturity. It’s a way to show others how serious you are about your dream job by exchanging that polo shirt for a bespoke suit. It also helps boost one’s self-confidence and exude an image of self-respect.

When it comes to bespoke or custom-made suits, no one does it better than Suit It Up Manila, the leading brand for men’s tailored suits and barongs for the modern gentlemen in Manila, which was established in 2013. They have the finest materials in the world like Holland & Sherry, and Dormeuil.

The Savile Row inspired shop also introduced the first ever 3D body scanner in the Philippines from Size Stream USA taking the word “custom fit” to a whole new level. It can take over 250 body measurements in only 14 seconds with astounding accuracy which minimizes human error. Other than personalised services, Suit It Up Manila also offers luxe brands such as Sapatero Manila, Ibarra Watches, DANT shoes and Primo menswear accessories. Its flagship store is located at SM Mega Fashion Hall and will soon have a branch at Makati.

Among the brands mentioned above, Ibarra Watches and DANT shoes are up-and-coming stores with a mission to promote Filipino artistry and craftmanship. Inspired with the passion for the art of watchmaking, Ibarra Watches was established to rekindle the Filipino heritage of timekeeping, and to showcase the skill and ingenuity of Filipinos in an industry that has been present globally for more than 200 years.


While DANT was born from three generations of shoemakers and currently lead by Dan Torres. They offer ready to wear, made to order or bespoke shoes made from the highest quality of international and local materials. It is meticulously assembled and stitched by hand. Every pair of DANT shoes is a work of art housing your feet with its signature red lining. It’s a one of a kind luxury that one call the DANT Experience.

Clothes make the man, so step up your game with the right skills, character, and suit with Suit It Up Manila.

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