BluPrint Website Launch: Welcome to the New Perspective!

July 21, 2021



Germaine Dilay

The entire Bluprint Team is ecstatic. We are now launching the New Perspective and you can expect that there is a lot more to it than a vague concept put into beautiful words. There is even more work put into the execution of our revamped BluPrint Website that gives you a refreshing look, repurposed vision, innovative ideas and design solutions.

Whether you’re an avid fan of BluPrint since day one, or a curious supporter that only encountered the brand more recently, there is a space dedicated for you our platform. As mentioned by One Mega Group’s President, Suki Salvador, BluPrint is for everyone. Our goal is to widen our reach without losing the integrity of the brand, by telling design stories that will positively impact the society we live in, by featuring architecture in a way that’s relevant to every member of our audience.

We also want to share this excitement with you, which is why we are doing this quick website run through!

What new content can you expect from the website?

The BluPrint website presents a REDESIGNED look and feel to give our audience with easy to navigate platform that delivers the latest news and happenings in architecture, design and allied arts. We wanted to ensure ease as you experience the new website, providing you with niche categories to choose from:

Architecture + Design

This section equates to the diversified selection of updates on the newest and innovative Architecture and Interior Design in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

BluPrint Website
Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture


BluPrint remains to be the go-to reference for the latest in revelations, innovations, critiques, reviews, trends, and technologies around the industry.

Art & Culture

This section showcases the latest happenings in the allied arts including, newly re-opened museums, emerging artists, and the latest art exhibits.

BluPrint Website


Bluprint partners with contributors globally, giving you exclusive access on modern, innovative, and sustainable structures.

BluPrint Website

Design PH

Design PH features the values of Filipinos reflected in Architecture and design, pertains to creating something with more than just the use of local materials, conceptualized into a modern style that can still adapt to globalization without removing our rich culture.

BluPrint Website

BluPrint Conversations

BP Conversations present upfront interviews in video format with top newsmakers from leading architects and designers and noteworthy personalities. It is a platform constantly in conversation with the people shaping the profession.


The submissions section includes several exclusive features on the best in contemporary architecture — from emerging firms to standout residential projects up to the best new
architectural products

What other activities can you do with the new platform aside from reading online articles?

Shop & Webzine

The shop section of the new website is a marketplace aimed to direct viewers from our native article to our partners’ e-commerce website. Webzine elevates brands’ presence in our website through a webzine partnership that now includes a pull quote that is lifted from your cover story.

Access BluPrint E-mag

If you miss the traditional magazine format, you will enjoy this access to BluPrint’s Emag Volumes. The most anticipated second volume of BluPrint e-mag will be available this September of 2021, which focuses on essential and stylish living. This edition features diverse homes reflecting the key principles of slow living and minimalism, but exemplifying chicness and well-being.

There are quite a few more (Online shows, webinars, and tradeshows) to tell you about the new BluPrint Website, but we want to give you the best experience by letting you see for yourself. Welcome to the New Perspective!

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