BluPrint Welcomes ACIIID’s New Perspective on Design Trends

October 28, 2021



Micah Mongcal

With our ongoing commitment to showcase the most engaging content in design and architecture, we are constantly observant of the best writers in the field. After ACIIID’s enlightening article for BluPrint’s Vol. 2 2021 E-mag, we’re excited to announce that the group will be a regular contributor for trend forecasts.

Sonora Art Village is inspired by works of Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan,

“In ACIIID, we investigate the major drivers and key trends that are consistently impacting the contemporary design and creative industry.”

PJ Almera

Founding member and Creative Director PJ Almera exemplifies ACIIID’s perceptive and up-to-the-minute understanding of current events in global consumerism, as well as the group’s multi-cultural approach to design research. Other founding members are based in Asia, Europe, and Latin America, ensuring a truly international perspective.

From ACIIID’s contribution to BluPrint’s Vol.2 2021 E-Mag, Emo(tiva)tions

An unusual turn of events has led to a change and progression of habits in global consumerism as well as contemporary design. Eco-tourism, virtuality, self-expression, safety, youth culture, racism, and climate change are continuously driving the ever-changing world–creating confusion to which should be primarily considered by innovators. Most of what drives our world today is focused on resiliency and reaction towards a specific problem, such as the pandemic and other major crises.

This beautiful chair designed by Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué gives a perfect example of phygital design with the introduction of a visually comforting bubble-like shape and a psychologically enticing bloom of hortensia flower.

Emo(tiva)tions is an original trend concept the brand formulated in. The emergence of this trend was caused by contemporary change and amplified habits of people driven by their emotions. Paramount pleasure towards functional flexibility increases people’s motivation and decreases wastage on temporary consumption over time while creating designs that truly matter. This trend is interestingly prevalent in the multidisciplinary design industry ranging from fashion and accessories to objects and ephemerals.

multisensory function and can detect one’s current wellbeing. Embr Wave is a smartwatch that uses temperature sensations to help you find relief, gain comfort, and give you more control over your life.
Embr Wave is a multisensory smartwatch that can detect one’s current wellbeing.

ACIIID’s unique synthesis of information aims to create a common ground for the various fields of design, including architecture, objects, urban design, and interior design. Their forecasts are informed by the latest consumer research across diverse market industries, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, technology, and business.

“Our main pursuit is to elevate the understanding and perception of design values within an inclusive community where sharing of knowledge and inspirations become the new normal.” – ACIIID

To learn more about ACIIID’s latest Trend Forecast, click on the link to BluPrint’s latest e-mag feature.

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