Blueprints for 2050 gives Filipinos a glimpse of our future built environment. BluPrint’s first book venture is founded on the forecast that the Philippines will be among the world’s top 20 economies by the middle of the century, as reported by HSBC, the World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Blueprints for 2050 is available in National Bookstore and Powerbooks nationwide
Blueprints for 2050 is available in National Bookstores and Powerbooks nationwide

Over a hundred Filipino architects and designers were involved in the production of the book. 25 teams planned and designed projects ranging from residential, mixed-use developments, to urban planning. These visions pave the path for more humane living conditions for all. They are symbols of radical hope and showcase the readiness of the Filipino architect to address social issues.

Blueprints for 2050 was launched last January 26, 2017 at Okada Manila with the support of GROHE, Dulux, Wilcon Depot, and Space 2000. The event was attended by the contributing design teams, and friends from the industry and academe.

Blueprints for 2050 is a collection of 25 visions, plans, and hopes for our progeny, of a future wholly within our potential to reach if we would believe in—and love—our country and ourselves. We hope their visions inspire you to dream great dreams for the Philippines because we’d like to do this visioning exercise again, and again. Our dream is with each visioning, we see the future of a just and humane Philippines with greater clarity, courage, and resolve so we may begin designing and building it together, today. —Judith A. Torres, BluPrint Editor in Chief

The products of this visioning hark back to what these young designers first experimented on at school, products of esquisses and design plate assignments. The creations, however, have the benefit of more experience, insight, and a modicum of maturity gained in the harsh realities of actual practice. —Paulo Alcazaren, Former BluPrint Editor-in-Chief, 2002-2012 

Blueprints for 2050: Currents for currents
Sensitive to the site and its people, a proposal by Deo Alam and 228 Design Studio harvests energy and houses indigenous coastal communities in Mindanao
Blueprints for 2050: Manila Interchange
SpaceFabrik designs a transport-oriented development with a grand central station for Luzon
Blueprints for 2050: Bigkis
Visionarch converts the vast wasteland of Smokey Mountain into a sustainable township

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