Capping off the year 2021, the whole world is still in crisis during the pandemic. However, we remain grateful and courageous amidst a life full of challenges, and we continue to hope even when we all felt hopeless. This is in large part because of our conviction that there is something bright and inspiring that we can share with the world: something to celebrate with others, something we can do as Filipino individuals to serve our purpose using Design and Build as a medium.

As part of the constantly evolving industry of architecture, it’s important to remember that when there is a crisis there is also an opportunity. We invite you to look ahead, to build up one another, make use of our purpose and calling to contribute to humanity.

The indomitable Filipino spirit shines in this winning structure’s soaring lines and expansive planes.
The indomitable Filipino spirit shines in this winning structure’s soaring lines and expansive planes.

In line with this, DST Design + Build is proud to share with you its recent recognition by the prestigious Architizer A+ Special Mention in the Architecture Hospitality category, for “Unfinished Basket”, a structure within a boutique resort complex. We are honored to represent the Philippines in one of the world’s largest architectural awards programs, with entries from more than 50 countries worldwide. This is truly a testament that we Filipinos can make a difference and be at the forefront in the field of architecture and any other endeavors.

Indigenous materials add a distinct Filipino identity to the concept.

Since our firm’s inception, we have nurtured the vision of designing a structure that would represent the Filipinos’ hope and resilience. Years passed before we finally arrived at the conclusion that “The Unfinished Basket” is the best choice to represent who we are: a nation that continues to develop and improve, and whose identity is in a state of constant growth and progress. That “Unfinished Basket” concept became a reality in the design of the Architecture Boutique Resort Complex located in San Mateo, Rizal.

Our country has a long and rich tradition of producing handicrafts made of indigenous materials. These handicrafts often have cultural value; thus, they are important to the tradition of some local communities and tribes. Through the use of indigenous materials known to our ancestors, such as seashells (capiz), weaved bamboo sheets (sawali), plastic weaved (solihiya), and other locally-sourced materials, the boutique resort has showcased an important part of our cultural heritage. It includes as well in the representation the local artisans who are assembling “The Unfinished Basket” in the Architecture Boutique Resort Complex.

DST Design + Build: Architizer 2021 A+ Firm Awardee




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