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September 25, 2020



Denny Mata

“With ONEMEGA.COM, we bring great insights from many thought leaders and industry experts. The growing roster includes Home and Design experts such as Geewel Fuster, Tessa Alindogan, and Judith Torres,” ONEMEGA.COM Editor Pipo Gonzales told BluPrint after the website went live today.

ONEMEGA.COM was born from One Mega Group Inc.’s mission to “fight fake news and produce meaningful media.” The digital platform presents a curation of content from fashion and beauty to home and design, to fitness and wellness, created by industry experts. It aims to deliver an improved digital media experience for readers through factual and honest narratives and opinion pieces. Home page Home page

“We are bringing together all industry experts under one roof to contribute to populating the digital landscape with meaningful content. It is time for us to focus on quality, not quantity,” said Archie Carrasco, President and Chief Executive Officer of One Mega Group, Inc.

Suki Salvador, Vice President for Content and Creatives at One Mega Group, elaborates, “During the early stages of the pandemic, there was a lot of fake news circulating on every imaginable topic. As a media practitioner, I found it to be very disconcerting. This is the reason why we conceived, We wanted to rid social media of fake news and tell real stories.” Home & Design section
Home & Design Section of

The Home & Design section will house legacy brands BluPrint, MyHome, and CondoLiving, with personal accounts by home and design experts. Featured this month is architect Geewel Fuster’s tablescape tips and tricks. “Geewel’s perspective on design hacks and easy fixes will excite readers,” comments Gonzales. He also teased upcoming content for the Home & Design section. “Tessa Alindogan’s refined taste will surely enrich those encouraged to dabble on interiors. With BluPrint Editor-in-Chief Judith Torres, expect honest opinion on architecture trends and straightforward information on design matters.”

Alongside the trusted names in home and design are experts and prominent personalities in business, beauty, fashion, tech, travel, parenting, and a lot more. Some of the notable names are IPG Mediabrands CEO Venus Navalta, Dr. Vicki Belo, Nina Daza-Puyat, MJ Marfori, Ferdi Salvador, and Bianca Salonga.

According to the official statement of ONEMEGA.COM, “The digital concept acknowledges the fact that our multi-tasking mindset and multi-pronged interests cannot be defined by a singular perspective. However, what it encourages is a space where all your thoughts and interests matter and are well-understood by the multiple personalities that inhabit the platform. Through, readers can find a comfortable and safe space for all the lives you lead—one place, one voice, one home—”

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