In a daring move, Casanuova launches an “Extraordinary Design Experience” explicitly for the sophisticated and affluent

October 2, 2019



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Forget affordable and reasonable. Casanuova says they’ve curated “the most luxurious, premier, and exclusive collection for the sophisticated and the affluent who deserve the best in luxury and comfort.” Last September 25, founder and managing director Venus Ngu unveiled Casanuova’s “Extraordinary Design Experience” to friends, prospective clients, and the media. But instead of holding the event at her store in Bonifacio Global City, she showcased the fine contemporary furniture pieces in a private villa in Dasmariñas Village, Makati City.

Ngu brought in 118 pieces from seven European brands and arranged one of their villas with styled vignettes to show guests how the luxe furniture and accessories might fit in their own homes. Each of the seven collections features a unified aesthetic, with most pieces adjustable to the client’s preference. 

The Vibieffe Sit Up Sofa is reclinable and reconfigurable to suit one’s space. Photo from 

“The quality, the craftsmanship, the experience of choosing your fabric, your trim, and sizes, that’s what ties them together,” says Ngu. She personally chose every piece in each collection bearing in mind the variety of the local market’s penchants and inclinations.

The Meridiani Outdoor Collection – Claud Sofa. One of the most talked-about pieces during the unveiling, the Claud sofa is waterproof, perfect for urban interiors, gardens and terraces! Photo from

Ngu emphasizes that as she has her personal preferences, guests, and clients have their own. “I can’t just pick out pieces that I personally like. They also have to resonate with my market—what interests them, what makes them tick, what excites them,” she elaborates.

Casanuova curated their collections inspired by the Italian way of making design a full sensory experience. “The extraordinary design experience is how you put it together. What you see here doesn’t mean you have to set up your home this way, the extraordinary experience is how you put it in your home. We made sure that everything is customizable,” says Ngu. 

Edra’s “Pack” is a statement piece depicting the global concern of climate change, which captivated many during the unveiling. Photos from Casanuova

Ngu’s promise to clients excited many in the audience: Casanuova, in harmony with the client, the interior designer, and the architect, creates a relationship that allows the homeowner to journey through the complete design experience, from conceptualization to creation, curation, customization, and installation. 

Casanuova’s 7 Brands 


Since 1936, the Italian brand Bonaldo has been creating contemporary design pieces. The label has been generating concepts and ideas along with innovating the use of new materials and design collaborations. Photo from


Edra has created art-inspired and statement luxury furniture since 1987. Because of its vision, it paved the way to “revolutionary inventions that transcend time and trend.” Photo from


Meridiani is known for its simplicity and timeless design references in its luxe furniture. This 23-year-old brand demonstrates modern sensibilities and lifestyles. Photo from


Conceived in 1968, Vibieffe focuses on identifying preference shifts and inclinations. Following that focus, luxury furniture of the brand are designed to perform various functionalities without sacrificing comfort. Photo from Casanuova


Bosa has been crafting ceramics and their artistry since 1976. Handmade designed gems with added colors and precious metals are the pride of this brand. Photo from

Studio Italia

Studio Italia, founded in 1950, designs and produces premier lighting fixtures. The brand creates custom pieces displaying Italian design prestige. Photo from


21st Century brand Nomon Home is all about new classics such as jewelry, clocks, and timepieces. The Spanish brand highlights sleek and sculptural fixtures. Photo from

Casanuova design house is located at G/F Unit C, W Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

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