Coming Back Home Through Thoughtful Biophilic Designs

May 4, 2023



The BluPrint Team

Bloomed in the 1960s, Biophilia, defined as “Love of Life” in ancient Greece, is a type of contemporary architecture that aims to connect nature to houses. The prime purpose of Biophilia is to allow nature and urban life to coexist in each man’s house without overtaking one another. An equal balance of man-made materials and nature in such space. Fresh air quality, natural lighting, healthy, breathable spaces, and lesser energy consumption are just among the significant benefits Biophilia is ready to offer. It promotes greater well-being, conducive to perceiving a positive outlook in life. It is therapeutic.

The need for the Biophilic Principle to be prevalent even got more heightened when the COVID-19 pandemic came. Lockdowns were imposed, home isolation was ubiquitous, and everyone was stuck in their houses. Each of our time was completely spent in our homes. It was then high time that people noticed the importance of living and investing in a livable, future- proof home that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This was carefully looked upon by Vie at Southern Plains by Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC).


Biophilic Principles are not at all new to the Philippines. Bahay Kubo and Bahay na Bato are two of the simplest biophilic homes we can easily cite as an example. Victor Consunji, with his incorporation of Biophilia in Vie at Southern Plains, pays homage to our early roots and history. 

Through this project, it is a celebration of our identity as Filipinos and as a way of giving back to our heritage. He drew some inspiration from these historical accounts and reimagined to what is most fitting to the modern age.

Vie at Southern Plains is located right at the Silangan Exit of SLEX and on the border of Cabuyao and Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. In the promising address, the project is strategically located surrounded by essential establishments like schools, malls and retail shops, hospitals, and sporting establishments with convenient access.

Learn more about how VCDC championed Biophilic principles in the design of the houses in Vie at Southern Plains. Download BluPrint 2023 Vol. 2 to read the full story. 




Photography ED SIMON



Video Producer MIGUEL LIM

Sittings Editor GEEWEL FUSTER

Shoot Coordination MAE TALAID and MJ ALMERO

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