HELP! I Cooked in My Condo and Now My Whole Unit Smells!

March 23, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Ah yes, one of the sad realities of condo living is the trapped smells of your last meal. For those who cook often and reside in a really tiny space, this is a daily dilemma that most condo dwellers have to live with… Or do they? Getting rid of smells in your unit after your cook is not a curse, there is a brighter and better smelling tomorrow for all of us condo dwellers. Here’s 5 ways to beat that condo cooking smell!

1 Make Sure You Have the Proper Exhaust

Prevention is better than cure. Upon getting your unit, make sure it has the proper exhausts for air to exit. Remember that hot air rises, so exhaust fans have to be placed in your unit’s top areas. Invest in an exhaust fan, it will also help your unit become cooler. Also, consider opening a window or two to let the air circulate. 

2 Light A Candle

While this might be an old wives’ tale, this is actually one of the most effective ways to keep your space from smelling stuffy, stinky, and savory. Invest in a good candle or some tea lights that you can light after you cook and away from where you eat (scented candles can affect the way you taste!), it will magically remove the smell of whatever you cooked out. Read More: 6 Rules to Follow When Lightning Candles on the Dinner Table

3 Boil This Brew

Surprisingly enough, one way to remove the condo cooking smells is putting another pot on the stove. You can choose from a variety of things to boil, here’s some scents we sooooo recommend:

Summer Scent: Sliced Lemons and drops of mint oil

Holiday Scent: Cinammon sticks, sliced oranges, star anise, and some white cloves

Put these in a slow heat, they’ll kill the previous scent of whatever it is you cooked and replace it with a more aromatic and calming scent. Upon boiling, turn off the heat, and leave the pot as is for hours. It will help deodorize your condo from those pesky cooking smells. If you have a fertilizer bin, you can drain the water in the sink and throw the fruit peels in the bin or your biodegradable bin, where they can still mask the odors!

4 Coffee Really Does Solve Everything

If you love drinking coffee after meals, you’re in luck! You can either roast or create a fresh pot of coffee to mask the previous condo cooking smells. Note, 3-in-1 and instant coffees do not count, you have to create a fresh pot of coffee. scandinavian condo, iriss mangio, interior design philippines, interior designer, interior designer manila, interiors,

5 Coal is Cool

Apparently, coal can also help in eliminating odors in small spaces. Just place a bowl of coal in your kitchen and it will magically soak up the condo cooking smells. This also works with a bowl of white vinegar, a bowl of baking soda, and a bowl of coffee (though why waste a bowl of coffee beans when you can brew them?!). 

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