Ideally, when one steps into a clinic, a sense of anxiety, dread, or nervousness overtakes them, combined with the clinical ambiance of uber white walls and the plain interior doesn’t help alleviate their stress.

Creating a sense of relaxation, safety, and warmth are what clinics hope to achieve when patients enter their doors and that is what GuadaHealth clinic has done when it came to its design that offered its patients a great environment.

Designed by Gaga Design House, approaching this 550 square meter-project, with a biophilic design which incorporated nature and organic elements, enabled the clinic to have its own identity, at the same time leave a lasting impression and connection to people who step into the space.

To bring in a whole new experience in how people see clinics was the idea that Winston and Mae Cruz, the proprietors of GuadaHealth clinic, had in mind when they approached Gaga Design House.

“Our intention here was to give a great environment for our patients in a way I was not looking at providing a clinical ambiance but something that would elicit wonder and excitement,” Winston said.

While being a Brutalist at art, Winston wanted to add dynamism into the design of the clinic, adding movement, function, aesthetics, and nature into the structure; the spiral staircase enveloped on the tree-like columns had made this possible. The main color of gray, the concrete texture and finishes featured a brutalist design that showed the space’s structural elements and had a minimalist approach.

The result of both designs combined looks like a clash of past and present vibe; the raw colors of the building combined with the dynamic characteristics designed in the structure gives the viewer a new aspect of the structure.

“So, in a way, the concept was like you excavated the Earth from an ancient time but then again it also collides with the future…it’s like a nuclear future that met an ancient past,” Winston said.

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Photography ED SIMON

Videography JOSE RAMIREZ


Sittings Editor GEEWEL FUSTER

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