Cool For The Summer: Keep Your Unit Fresh And Cool This Season

March 20, 2019



Denny Mata

1 | Invest In A Dehumidifier

This compact appliance reduces the humidity levels in any space to make it less susceptible to mold, dust mites, and musty smells. Place a dehumidifier in your unit to remove excess moisture from the air which will create a cooler feeling amid hot temperatures.

2 | Change Your Bedsheets

The bedroom is the most commonly used area in condo units and is also the likeliest place where heat gets trapped in. Enjoy a cozy and cool slumber by opting for cotton bedsheets as these sheets breathe easier and stay cool longer compared to fleece or flannel sheets.
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3 | Use Blackout Curtains

If you only have sheer curtains in your unit, consider investing in blackout curtains to block the heat of the sunlight coming from your windows. Thermal backed blinds or blackout curtains reduce the amount of heat that can enter your unit, leaving your unit cooler during the summer season.

4 | Regularly Clean Your Fans

Exhaust fans regulate and absorb the hot air that comes from cooking or hot showers, so keep it clean or change it if it needs to be replaced. Do the same on your electric fans.
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5 | Frame Your Paintings

Ultraviolet rays can damage your pieces as it seeps through the glass. Protect your well-loved paintings with acrylic frames that provide about 60 percent of UV protection.

6 | Add Some Greens

It’s no secret that trees give off oxygen. Since you can’t exactly plant a tree inside your unit, place some planters or terrariums instead. Build a tiny garden inside your space for a greener and cozier feeling.
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