Costa Medellin in Cebu, an image of Serenity

December 7, 2021



Janelle Airene Moran

Located in the northern coast of Cebu, Costa Medellin is the idyllic family beach house. Design duo Steffi Sioux Go and Miljo Negapatan make up SGMN Architects, and the firm resonates with the younger demographic so they became the natural choice to take the helm for this project and mold the client’s vision to life.

It is built on the roadside, with neighboring houses reflecting the provincial and earthy vibe. Costa Medellin, in the middle of this laidback, tropical paradise, adds to the geographical appeal. When one first comes upon it, the structure may appear daunting when when sunlight streams in, it becomes a very inviting and warm place. Walking through a detailed wooden door, the house opens up to its cozy and austere ambiance.

It features a split-level space that provides the panoramic views of the sea, which adds to its charm. The sleeping quarters are extended out to the stretch on the road, creating an airy and light atmosphere. The house is built with high windows, so privacy will not be an issue.

The kitchen, dining and living areas can be found in the foyer. SGMN Architects had an open concept in mind when they designed Costa Medellin. The owners are able to extend to the deck in order to accommodate more guests. The glass windows allow for a magnificent 180 degree view of the beach. There are also retractable wooden screen doors for when the afternoon sun is at its hottest and block harmful sun rays. As the house is facing the sea, there are certain advantages such as witnessing breathtaking sunsets, and you cannot beat Costa Medellin’s picture-perfect panoramic view that spans from the kitchen to the living space.

The architects did not want to simply paint the house white so they tried pigmented skim coat. The color of the wall are reminiscent of the sand in the beach, complementing the sand that stretches along the shoreline. The bathroom at Costa Medellin is also lofty and spacious, with golden plumbing fixtures and a floral-patterned wallpaper, The architects also opted for local furniture bought from a nearby town. There are rattan lamps and a long wooden table in the living area. Custom resin art push plate also decorate the doors of the beach house, which adds to the structure’s quirky and fun character.

As one winds down for the day, people tend to seek serenity and peace in the home. Costa Medellin is such a place of solace.

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