Vern Enciso-Lim, the co-founder of beauty brand VV & Co., is a creative individual who leans on good lighting to highlight her projects. But Vern also works as a vlogger–creator who need to heavily take their surroundings into account. “If your space doesn’t inspire you, then it’s hard to create content,” she says, “Our job entails so much of our creativity and a beautiful space to execute them!” 

The first wave of every change is always the hardest to weather. The pandemic has affected every industry possible. For this fashion influencer, running her vlog involved adjusting to working from home, surrounded by her in-laws, and using their guest room as a temporary office but good adaptation happens even in the presence of a new company. 

“I was living with my in-laws then and it was the first time I did so that adjustment plus work from home was very difficult. It took me a while to really be comfortable vlogging and taking photos in front of my husband’s family but it made me realize that life goes on and if I don’t adjust now, I can never do my job properly!” 

Soon enough, the challenges of working so openly around family no longer became a challenge. At the time she was interviewed, Vern and her husband lived in their Cebu condo– a three-bedroom condo her husband bought four years from today and before their engagement. 

The residence presents a masculine vibe, dominated with grey and dark wood but like every residence occupied by couples, one of its rooms was transformed to bring in a more feminine vibe. 

“My husband really loves me because the third room that he converted into a closet is so bright!” Vern beams, “Very feminine. I wasn’t so immersed in the process of designing our condo years ago but it was nice for him to design that specific room for me,” she continues.

The process of designing a home can sometimes be a grueling one while still being quite a stress reliever. Regardless of whether or not it’s tiring or entirely enjoyable, the results of a new space that perfectly suits one’s taste are benefits that should be reaped with nothing but joy. For this lady boss, the design of their Cebu condo has become one of the supports that helped her adjust to married life. 

“Honestly, I’m not sure what magic our designer, Holly Dawn of Holidawn Design Studio, did, but our place makes us wake up with big smiles on our faces every day. She and I believe in the energies of places/houses and I can confidently say our condo has a good one.” 

Vern Enciso-Lim

Currently, Vern uses their guest room as a workspace. Of all the things in the room, she highlights the table that faces a big window overlooking their neighborhood skyline.

“I’m not sure if it’s the table that faces a big window that lets natural light in or just the energy that place has but it’s where I get so inspired to get work things done.”

There are many other pieces that add to the residence’s personalized charms. This includes a Vito Selma chair gifted as a housewarming present. An unreleased piece, this creative vlogger happily announces that it’s one of the interior pieces she would be bringing along to their future dream home. The Kenneth Cobonque chandelier from Vito Selma’s Star Wars collection is another piece that provides a quirky and fun light through the residence. 

“My husband is a big Star Wars fan so that was my gift for him 4 years ago when he bought the place.” 

Overall, the condo is already a highly inspiring space for content creators like Vern. Combining the presence of her loving husband and a personalized space filled with gifts and favorite pieces, the residence is set far from the chaotic bustle of Metro Manila and encourages more of the quiet space that every creative mind needs.

“People here really value weekends and I learned to spend Saturdays and especially Sundays for family and personal time.” Enciso says, “I used to get so much anxiety when my weeks weren’t filled seven days a week but in Cebu, I learned the importance of having a well-balanced life. It helped me so much mentally and I can say I’m very much happier with the setup here than how competitive it is in Manila.”

This tiring loop brought on by the lockdown era has pushed everyone to create a lifestyle that can further magnify the importance of ‘the small things’. In the eyes of design, these small things can be an office’s overall design, it could be the lighting arrangement of a house’s room, or it can be the entire house and its knick knacks. 

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Photos courtesy of Vern Enciso-Lim

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