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June 13, 2018



Denny Mata

The British Council and the Department of Trade and Industry, through attached agencies, Design Center of the Philippines and Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC),  have teamed up to launch a pioneering programme that champions creative hubs. The project is further supported by Foundation and Thames International in their mission to empower creative entrepreneurs through education and internationalisation. Application period is from 8 June to 8 July 2o18.

Creative Innovators Fellowship

The Creative Innovators Programme is envisioned to contribute to more sustainable and impact-led creative hubs that can better support the Philippines’ creative industries, thereby creating more inclusive cities and communities. The selected Fellows are expected to build the next generation of creative community leaders in the Philippines through a one-year Fellowship for creative hub managers. The program, which will run from August 2018 to October 2019, includes mentorships, management trainings, grants, and networking opportunities in the Philippines, ASEAN, and the UK.

bluprint firm and function 1/0 design collective
1/0 Design Collective’s office’s large windows open out to views of Escolta and allow natural light to fill the interiors, revealing the old floorings. “We intentionally left it as is because it’s part of the character of the place,” says Serrano. For heritage projects, the pair makes it a point to preserve the original character of the space while introducing progressive solutions.

Creative hubs are organisations that provide space and support for product and professional development, networking, business sustainability and community engagement within the creative and cultural sectors. A global research by the British Council found that hubs are catalysts for innovation, inclusive growth in the creative economy, and positive change in cities. Examples include design studios, co-working spaces, makerspaces, fablabs and art collectives.


  • Ideally 18-35 years old, and a Philippine citizen or resident for the past 10 years
  • Currently managing or owning a creative hub or enterprise in the Philippines and need support to get to the next level of growth (Participants from outside Metro Manila are encouraged to apply.)
  • Proponents who have been operating for 1-5 years, or older hubs who are looking to revamp their organisations (Types of hubs further explained on their website.)
  • Creative hub is currently working with or has supported at least 10 artists / creative entrepreneurs in the past

More of the criteria for the Creative Innovators Programme via the British Council website.

Art Printing Works’ loft was transformed into a collaborative workspace (a co-working office). Today, freelance writers, designers, and entrepreneurs roam the 560-square-meter area in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

ICE Scholars (Innovative and Creative Entrepreneurs Scholars)

Apart from the Fellowship, forty (40) undergraduate and professional diploma scholarships for creative entrepreneurs will also be offered through the programme by Thames International and Foundation.

Twenty (20) scholarships for undergraduate degrees in BS Entrepreneurship or BA Communications at Thames International, will focus on Creative Enterprise. ICE Scholars under these programs will be trained to succeed in their start-up with the twin goal of hiring artists and creatives. The three-year programs will start August 2018, and is equivalent to $15,000.

Another 20 scholarship grants for Professional Diplomas in Innovation and Creative Enterprise will be awarded, and will run for nine (9) months, starting November 2018. The program combines business, innovation and creative thinking skills, catered to working individuals.


  • Limited to candidates who are citizens or long-time residents (10 years) of the Philippines
  • For Bachelor Degree candidates: Age 22 and below, and has not finished a Bachelor’s Degree
  • For Professional Diploma candidates: Age 35 and below
  • Has an artistic talent and skill in Music, Film, Photography, Graphic Design, Drawing, Singing, Drama/Acting, Fashion, Publishing, Games etc.

More of the criteria for the Creative Innovators Programme via the British Council website.

Applicants can apply for either a Creative Innovators Fellowship or an ICE Scholarship. To submit a nomination or an application, visit

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