Daily Schedule Launches Home Collection With Redesigned Vintage Chairs

September 14, 2021



Daniel Lampa

This synthesis of interior and fashion design offers consumers an extraordinary approach to couture. The Daily Schedule furniture collection features mid-century chairs repurposed in vintage fabrics, which make iconic statement pieces for your home. Daily Schedule got its start when Juliana Ocampo, the youngest daughter of creative entrepreneur Ricco and high-end accessories designer/style icon Tina Ocampo, founded the brand with sisters Betina and Selina. They debuted the footwear brand of Daily Schedule in 2015. They sold in pop-ups and online. As was foreseeable, their velvet pointed mules, flats, and sandals became a hit to Manila’s stylish set. Guided by their father’s advice to always think outside of the box and do things that make you uncomfortable, their designs were colorful but very tasteful, unexpected, but chic. 

“When ECQ hit, like many small businesses, we needed to get creative to survive. The New Schedule inspired our 2020 collection; how you adapt to be as positive, confident, and creative as you can in a new world.”

Juliana Ocampo
Daily Schedule chairs
Daily Schedule’s vintage chairs offer the style and comfort that are characteristic of their brand.

There has always been a solid and unbreakable linkage between fashion and interior design. Both share the same aesthetic postulations as space, shape, and form, but they are obtainable artistic expressions for almost everyone.  They are also a medium for consumers to discern their personal style and portray how they feel about themselves. In an earlier interview, Selina says, “When we play around with the unconventional, and we open ourselves to its endless possibilities, that’s when the magic happens.” Thus, it was easy for these fashionable siblings to come up with the home line of the Daily Schedule.

Celestina Ocampo relaxes on a vintage zebra-print chair.

True to their brand of mixing unexpected colors and prints and inspired by being safe at home but still being chic, they came up with the Daily chairs- Napoleon III style chairs in bright colors with printed fabrics. “When ECQ hit, like many small businesses, we needed to get creative to survive. The New Schedule inspired our 2020 collection; how you adapt to be as positive, confident, and creative as you can in a new world. We found extra fabric from our espadrilles collections a few years back and used it to make cushions for our chairs. These chairs, like our shoes, have a pop of color and texture that bring a smile to your face. They were a huge success, and we were able to find a new product.” Juliana says.  The brand’s success ensured that customers quickly purchased new releases of the Daily Schedule chairs, knowing that each piece was a rarity.

The Daily Schedule collection of mid-century and repurposed chairs was released last year. These are vintage and repurposed pieces, which make each chair unique. These one-of-a-kind treasures were found through the Ocampo family’s travels and remade to be new. Although their customers can practice restraint with a soothing palette of their neutral-colored chairs, the favorites of the fashionable crowd are the colored ones. The fabrics they used for each chair were selected to stand out and be bright, which is undoubtedly the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into a room.  Everyone knows that color is well known to evoke different moods and is one of the best ways to show off a person’s design style and bring life into your space. 

Daily Schedule chairs

Substantially inspired by his father’s creative streak and maverick business style, Juliana is open to having a possible home line in the future. “Lots of people have been telling us to start a home brand, and we just might.” She says. Other than the chairs, they are currently selling prepossessing petrified wood slabs and stools in different sizes that are a staple in every stylish person’s home. Petrified wood is a natural form of art and furniture, making every piece sui generis.

Every so often,  it’s not just about a splash of color or impressive minimalist aesthetic but the masterful curation of unique furniture, art, furnishings, lighting, and architectural details that bring a home to life. Being surrounded by a person’s unique finds is a joy that should not be underestimated. 

To shop the home collection of Daily Schedule, you can message them on their Instagram @dailyschedule.ph or thru their website: Dailyscheduleph.com

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Daniel Lampa

Art enthusiast and into Fashion, French Culture, Mid-century modern design and spends a lot of his time curating his home in Manila and LA. He lives with his 3 dogs, Coco, Yohji and Junya.

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