3 Soothing Decor Trends to Watch This 2024

January 13, 2024



Elle Yap

As 2024 begins in earnest, architects and designers look into evoking the kind of modernity that leads to timelessness. And yet, decor trends tend to be informed more by the events and cultures of today than it is by any sense of timelessness. 

When we think about 2024, there’s a sense of ennui that has settled into ourselves. The world is uncomfortable to live through, and it agitates us. And because of this, people are looking for a state of relief even in the spaces they stay in. This need for a space with comfort across the world affects our decor trends this year. 

a person sits in a japanese tatami room with a low table and round cushions surrounded by bamboo screens that overlook the outside.
Craving spaces that evoke tranquility in a turbulent world.

The biggest trends predicted for 2024 project comfort and the sustainable use of resources. These lean toward creating warmth that isn’t in the minimalist trends popular just a few years ago. The desire to feel at home where you are feels more necessary now than ever. 

With that in mind, looking into the most important trends of the year becomes more than just choosing styles. It’s also choosing the kind of emotion that you want a place to invoke for years and years to come. How do you want your safe haven to look like?

Creating Three-Dimensional Textures and Finishes

An interesting new trend happening is the mixture of textures in a home or a building. For example, instead of going for a uniform texture of wood or stone, the idea is to mix up materials and create new opportunities for the space to pop out. 

Vogue describes the trend as “an effortless way to bring dimension to a space.” If done with style and care, these choices create a playful, lived-in atmosphere where one’s space can be enjoyable and relaxing. 

A cozy living room with a white sectional sofa and arm chair, bean shaped rug, white walls, a fluted accent wall, and sheer curtains.
A modern kitchen with wooden countertops and shelves with a mixture of stone and metal accents.
Living area of a wooden cabin with concrete floors, fabric couch, and dining area with wooden tables and chairs next to open shelving.
cozy forest cabin interior with wooden walls, cabinetry, and table.

This trend of usage of different textures and ideas go along well with the resurgence of the use of wood panels in homes, as well as the potential increase of metallic structures to bring a sophisticated finish towards the look of the room. 

Whatever your style may be, mixing and matching appears to be trendy this 2024.

Broader Use of Brown and Yellow Hues to Project Warmth

With the fashion world pivoting towards neutral hues recently, an interesting trend is how brown is in the spotlight of many of the recent catwalk and runway fashions of 2023. As this carries over to 2024, the popularity of brown has transferred towards the interior decoration world as well. 

Warm hues like brown and yellow are all the rage for 2024. Brown’s neutrality to many colors is highlighted as a reason for its usefulness. Elle Decor states that people opt for brown as something easy they can pair with most anything. 

The steel bars suspended from Mecha Uma ceiling are of different lengths ranging from one to 3.1 meters. They were allowed to rust until they attained the desired shade of orange-brown, upon which Yulo had them coated with an emulsion.
The steel bars suspended from Mecha Uma’s ceiling are of different lengths ranging from one to 3.1 meters. They were allowed to rust until they attained the desired shade of orange-brown, upon which Yulo had them coated with an emulsion.
Modern apartment interior with teal accent wall, red pendant lamp, and yellow chairs beside a round dining table.
japandi dining area with wooden table, solhiya chairs, and Japanese screens and paintings on the wall.
style combinations
This electric yellow accent chairs enliven the flatness of this neutral colored living area
Traditional Filipino living space with ornate antique wooden chairs, hard wood floors, and capiz windows.
Only close friends of the family would have been admitted to these portions of the house. In front of the screen is a Tiffany lamp with colored floral shades and a Japanese tea set from the early 1900s, reflective of the cosmopolitan spirit brought in by world trade.
condoliving with gen z yellow sofa, white mesh coffee tables, and dark green wall unit.
condoliving gen z yellow

Much of the browns and yellows come from the furniture used inside the room. It’s there in the cabinets, upholstery, rugs, and other decorations inside the room. It creates an aura of homeliness in its wake, a safe space for you to relax from the outside world. 

Usage of Unique Artisanal Pieces

An interesting pivot from recent years of minimalism—and one that’s in line with the need for warmth and life within a space—is the growing popularity of artisanal pieces inside a home. 

One-of-a-kind pieces are now central to creating a unique, personal feel to a home. The imperfectness of handmade artisanal pieces is proving popular, as a statement of design, or as a charming room piece.

condoliving handmade ceramics
condoliving handmade ceramics
The Fine Life Project

The appeal of artisanal, antique, or vintage pieces is its unique, handmade feel to it. That handmade feel shows personal care to its structure, which contrasts severely from a mass-produced piece—a table, for example—where all its tables are identically the same with minor differences. 

HGTV’s recommendation of patterned quilts and antique furniture puts that perspective strongly into utilizing what feels natural to one’s self. The usage of artisanal pieces prioritize comfort over sleekness, humanity over uniformity. 

2024’s Decor Trend: The Year of the Organic

The embrace of an organic warmth in one’s homes and buildings show that, as we live through tumultuous times, people are craving for a sense of humanity in their spaces. The “modernity” we live through isn’t evoking timelessness in the sense that it transcends generations. Instead, it evokes timelessness in the way that the people feel themselves removed from the troubles of our times. 

tropical design style

The decor trends of 2024 show the desire for a home, a safe space to relax in. Whether it’s in the hues or the decorations or even in the unique arrangement of textures in our walls and buildings, it is a haven specially crafted to your tastes. 

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