Dr. Ken Yeang on his ecological advocacy

July 5, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

Ken yeang

“I’m an ecologist first, an architect second.” A simple yet powerful statement that sums up the heart of Dr. Ken Yeang’s design philosophy.

The Malaysian architect, Dr. Ken Yeang, is known for his authentic and innovative ecology-based architecture and masterplans with distinct green aesthetics. He works on different theories and practices of sustainable design. With his great influence, in 2008, the British newspaper, The Guardian named him as “One of 50 people who could save the planet”. As an author, he already was able to produce at least 10 books on green architecture.

“Designer Focus” section of BluPrint’s latest issue, highlights Dr. Ken Yeang where he shared his experiences as both an ecologist and an architect, to give knowledge and also make an impact on younger architects, like a loving grandfather to his grandchildren. He eagerly delivered the good news on what he is up to in the next season of his architecture journey. He also broke down at least five categories on how he believes an architect can achieve healthy and successful designs.

Ken yeang

One of Dr. Yeang’s remarkable works is The National Library of Singapore. It is a green library tower with large, landscaped sky courts that were protected by windbreakers that reduce the impact of high wind speeds that can occur at the higher levels. The project received multiple awards including the First Prize in the ASEAN Energy Efficient Awards in 2007.  Another notable work is the Solaris in One-North, also in Singapore. Its most noticeable feature is the 3m wide landscaped ramp which is crucial to Dr. Yeang’s ecological concept because all living things move freely within all vegetated areas in the building, creating a biodiverse ecosystem. The project also gained multiple awards that include the FuturARC Green Leadership Award of 2015, and many more

Ken yeang

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