Ecospec Philippines Launches E20 in a wellness collaboration with Rajo Laurel

October 22, 2021



The BluPrint Team

Now, more than ever, health has become the top priority for everyone. This post pandemic time has made us realize that our health is the most important investment that we can and need to make. Ecospec Noveltech Philippines, Corp. aims to quench this need through E2O. Last October 19, 2021, the company launched a virtual event featuring its flagship product: E2O. The brand’s expansion into quality ethical and innovative product furthers its aim to elevate awareness for healthy living.

E2O uses Singaporean technology invented by renowned Marine Engineer Mr. Chew Hwee Hong. By utilizing Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF), E2O energizes water with a correct frequency that elevates selective molecular bond vibration energy without adding any chemicals or additives. Such non-chemical process results in boosted energy that creates an antioxidizing effect that gets through the digestive system and is thus effective in combatting free-radicals in the body.

    As part of the E2O’s grand launch,  a fashion presentation was showcased virtually featuring the latest creations of renowned Filipino Fashion Designer, and E2O Ambassador, Rajo Laurel.

MONOMORPH” is Rajo Laurel’s 2021 Holiday Collection, a product of his vision of light and vigor. The connection of human creativity and water will be evident in this energized collaboration.

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