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Bluprint Volume 2 2021 Editor’s Note

There’s a cliché comfort in that characteristic shared when we work hard to play harder. Arguably, this manifesto has been around for a long time and is effectively behind the attraction to accomplishment and leisure, or work and play. That is what this whole issue is all about.  

We want to give you connections into different playful spaces around the country that reflect some of the industry’s creative thinkers with distinctly innate panache that radiates to their way of living. 

Through a mix of unique design aesthetic and vibrancy, profiles, and writings, we highlight the homes of architects, artists, and influencers. Working deeper than decor, each resident shares their values, the ways those ideals have shaped their homes, and the ways their homes harnessed the power of design to be part of the solution post-pandemic. The future is shaped. We are overreaching but we have a victory. 

In this new reality we’re living in, our workspace should be a place that feels beautiful and uplifting, a reflection of not only our personal style but a place we can crave and grow in both personal and professional capacity.

In this issue, we partnered with TASKUS PH.

TaskUs wants workspaces that inspire creativity and collaboration. This is highlighted through their key messaging: What makes home, “a home”: a place where you can be your true authentic self (diversity and inclusion), surrounded by people who support your growth (culture), where you are taken care of (wellness and resiliency), and where your wins are celebrated (teamwork). 

What each of these spaces have in common is that they’ve been put together with positivity, exceptionality, and adaptation. After all, we need to reimagine our future — one that is bolder and brighter.  

Geewel Fuster 


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