ELEMENTO: An Interactive Experience With a Futuristic Perspective

December 19, 2023



Chad Rialp

The Ayala Triangle Gardens currently hosts a unique art exhibition known as ELEMENTO Art + Light + Flow. Presented by The Art House and Search Mindscape Foundation, this vibrant and interactive art exposition blends Philippine cultural traditions with an emphasis on sustainability. This is the last chance visitors have to immerse themselves in this transformative art experience before the exhibit closes on December 23.

Leeroy New's Elemental art installation at night lit by sustainable lighting
Leeroy New’s Elemental

A Platform for Inclusivity and Sustainability

ELEMENTO is a dialogue on materiality, a concept that emerged during the AGOS exhibition—a group show that featured 19 artists showcasing their unique takes on sustainability through various media. Artists on display used sustainable materials to create their works; an approach reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability and cultural expression.

The success of AGOS set the stage for ELEMENTO, with the goal to create a larger, more impactful art event. The Art House, known for its inclusive and collaborative approach, and Search Mindscape Foundation, a beacon for artistic engagement and community interaction, jointly fostered the project.

Elemento Indoor Art Gallery featuring work from contemporary Filipino artists
Elemento Indoor Art Gallery

According to The Art House Founder and CEO, Carlo Pineda, “In all of our projects, we endeavor to showcase Philippine culture while breaking barriers for artists. Sustainability and community are also pillars of our multidisciplinary platform.”

“We wanted to normalize this,” adds Ayni Nuyda, Founder of Search Mindscape Foundation. “At the same time, we wanted to tap into our vision of putting artists in different environments and platforms.”

Not Your Ordinary Exhibition

The Art House’s unique approach focuses on content and ideas rather than traditional curation. And Search Mindscape Foundation mirrors this ethos. Both organizations champion inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability in the art community. And ELEMENTO evolved from these principles. The exposition is an interactive experience encouraging participation to foster a deeper understanding of sustainability for audiences of all ages. This vision led to the immersive art installation at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

“We welcomed this partnership with The Art House as it underscores Ayala Land’s dedication to nurturing community connections, fostering artistic expressions, and advocating for a sustainable future,” shares Chrissy Roa, Head of Marketing and Communications for Ayala Land Estates. “ELEMENTO brings an exciting new dimension and adds vibrance to the Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens. Beyond being a beautiful art piece, it represents an inclusive creative platform to promote community engagement.”

Elemental and Nautilus of Dreams by Leeroy New

Two standout installations at ELEMENTO are ‘Elemental’ and ‘Nautilus of Dreams’ by contemporary artist Leeroy New. Hailing from General Santos City, New’s versatility as an artist and designer stems from various fields. Starting his career as a sculptor, he eventually branched out to designing for films, collaborating with fashion designers, and making 3D models for commercials. His ability to switch between different types of creative work is a key part of his artistic style.

Leeroy New's Nautilus of Dreams art installation made with recycled materials and sustainable lighting
Nautilus of Dreams
The inside of Elemental, an art installation of recycled materials by Leeroy New
Inside the Nautilus

Dubbed “a dynamic constellation of art pods”, ‘Elemental’ is an outdoor art installation made from recycled materials illuminated by sustainable solar lights from Liter of Light. New put together an interesting mix of shapes and materials meant to simulate the cosmic genesis. It shows his skill in turning everyday things into magical creations. His work aims to represent how everything in the world is connected and celebrates how we are all different yet united.

Detail of Elemental by Leeroy New
Elemental by Leeroy New

‘Nautilus of Dreams’, on the other hand, parallels this, symbolizing growth and renewal. Its interactive nature allows visitors a chance to be part of New’s creation by adding their dreams to the collective tapestry for a small donation of Php 100. Both installations represent human connection, environmental awareness, and societal evolution.

Woven pieces

Adjacent to the outdoor installations is the ELEMENTO Indoor Art Gallery, showcasing a diverse range of artworks from 36 artists. The gallery highlights the process of art creation, featuring pieces mounted on recycled materials. There’s also an area dedicated to digital art forms, including NFTs and augmented reality.

Featured art work at the Elemento indoor gallery
Featured art work at the Elemento indoor gallery

Complementing the gallery is the ELEMENTO Gift Shop, offering Leeroy New prints and other merchandise. Other interactive areas include Bambikes and traditional Philippine games. Each activity is designed to engage families and make art accessible and enjoyable.

Bambino Bikes by BamBikes
Bambino Bikes by BamBikes

All told, ELEMENTO by The Art House and Search Mindscape Foundation is more than an art exhibition. It’s a cultural experience that blends art, sustainability, and community engagement. Catch it before it ends on December 23. For anyone looking to experience the transformative power of art in an urban oasis, it’s a must-visit.

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