Here Are 3 Stylish Bathroom Essentials That Are Perfect for Any Home

November 8, 2018



Stephanie Ferrer

Make your bathroom a highlight in your residence with Homestore

The bathroom can be an interesting space for design that goes hand in hand with function. Consideration of requirements against limitations and design factors, conceptualization, sourcing- these are some of the tasks involved in bathroom design. Sourcing for a bathroom consists of picking the surface finishes and selecting the perfect pieces to set the mood ; and one of the defining pieces of a bathroom would be the vanity or basin cabinet. Inspired by a selection of modern concepts for a home, we selected three of Homestore’s outstanding bathroom vanities as defining pieces to enhance the overall lavatory design and experience.

  1. Classics in contrast

Some people love to infuse several styles into their home, and interior designers use layering to cohesively create contrasts in a space. The classic ENTOP EC-058 set serves as a black and white statement piece against the wooden walls and artistic decor. Its dark granite top highlights the chrome faucets paired with double basins. Beneath is a full storage cabinet featuring classic recessed panels, while the two white framed mirrors above complete the furniture’s classic look. Potted plants and bathroom essentials soften the visual impact of this high-contrast piece. We also matched this set with a modern black and white water closet for another layer of contrast.

  1. Bare necessities

Take a break from glossy finishes and go with an organic, natural theme in a modernist setting. Homestore’s AIFOL AFL726100 is characterized by clean lines in a bare concrete finish, giving a rustic vibe to this bathroom staple. This vanity also features a mirror with sensor-activated lighting, automatic soft close drawers, and a full-sized basin suitable for any home. Abundant shelving and storage occupy the space from the mirror cabinet to its main cabinet, merging space and style in this singular set. Add warmth to this relaxed aesthetic with tinted bottles that double as dainty light fixtures and give a subtle contrast of textures against the wood furniture.

  1. Contemporary chic

Bring sophistication in your bathroom with dark wood bath furniture. The ENTOP EC-067 is composed of cabinetry in a deep mahogany finish, complemented by an ebony granite top and a faucet in a polished copper finish. The hidden mirror cabinet is perfect for storing daily necessities without the visual clutter. Embellish the space with metallic fixtures in copper or rose gold to accentuate the elegant ambiance, and complement them with some greens to soften the focal point of the space.
Bid bye-bye to boring, messy bathrooms. No more guesswork and no more disappointments from novice carpentry work. Homestore carries pieces which stand out individually, and when styled together, will fulfill the bathroom of your dreams.
Apart from vanities, Homestore also offers bathtubs, toilets, basins, faucets, showers, enclosures, saunas, steam cabins, and other bath accessories. Visit Homestore’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram page to see all of their products or drop by their showrooms in Unit 13-14 CW Ortigas Home Depot, Unit 263 MC Fort Home Depot BGC, Unit 37 WG Alabang Home Depot or Unit A26-27 Pampanga Home Depot, which are open every day from 9 am to 8 pm to see their most current selections.

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