Esteemed German Furniture Brand, KARE Opens Showroom in Manila

November 8, 2021



Maria Rebecca Abaya

The esteemed German furniture brand, KARE has recently opened its showroom at the Level 3 of The Podium in Mandaluyong City. The flagship in the Philippines brings a burst of fresh air for urban living as it delivers unique and authentic pieces that help people show their personalities and make their homes feel good. Representing a unique mixture of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and gift articles, the showroom will be a new design haven for our architects, interior designers, stylists, and creatives alike.

“We are excited to showcase what’s in store for the Filipino market with the launching of our newest showroom here in the Philippines. We are delighted to give our home decor enthusiasts a kick of inspiration with our unconventional selection of lifestyle pieces and anything but ordinary ideas for their living spaces,” says Ivan Yao during the showroom opening.

A showroom unlike any other, the 1,000 square foot KARE showroom warmly welcomes its guests with the brand’s signature bright red statue named Fred. The striking Fred, wearing a black tie with a matching red label delightfully bows to everyone who comes in and out of the store. This man-sized greeter is actually available as a standard lamp and for convenience, it also comes in a miniature version for desks. These different versions of Fred are just some of the trendy and unique pieces that KARE proudly offers.

Going in further, the showroom features whole new concepts of interior designs for furniture, lights, accessories, and gifts, resembling art objects on a scene. Not only guests will be visually pleased, but they will also discover the diversity of styles and trend aspirations suiting the different Filipino lifestyles and of course, budget. During the launch, the highlights were the premium-quality and trendy upholstered furniture, staged in the KARE living worlds, then the eclectic collection of lights, accessories, and decors that will transform your home into a destination place.

As a brand that’s always committed to developing new furnishing ideas, KARE lives up to its mission, “anything but ordinary”, where ideas are intricately processed in an imaginative and contemporary way. KARE is also non-conformist in that it does not allow itself to take a single direction but rather focuses on diversity. The unique signature of KARE Design is reflected in its over 5,000 pieces of a variety of interior accessories and these have been meticulously prepared by Jürgen Reiter, one of KARE’s two founders and owners. “We aim to bring a lot of fun and energy into the home decorating and interior design scene here in the country. This is a great opportunity for us to present our unique and sensuous furnishing ideas that will surely excite the curious and creative minds of Filipinos,” said Yao.

Starting in 1981, KARE has been in the market for 40 years and has never failed to surprise its habitués with its incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting, and furnishing accessories. The brand now operates in more than 120 stores in 50 countries all over the world. “From the beginning, we don’t do normal— we design and create collections that make a statement. And as we expand our market here in the Philippines, we will make sure that we will serve our new market a mix of surprising, extraordinary, incomparable products that embody the KARE design philosophy,” said Jürgen Reiter, KARE Co-Founder.

For KARE’s new products and services, as well as news and updates about the brand. You can check out their official website at Or you can follow their socials – KARE Philippines Facebook page at KARE Philippines, and Instagram @karephilippines.

Article Credits: Images courtesy of KARE Philippines ©

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