EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie Dods Gives Us Her Ultimate Home Designing Tips!

May 29, 2018



Pat Herbolario

ICYMI, Fil-Kiwi Stephanie Dods won The Apartment’s sixth season. The Apartment is a TV Show by the Sony Channel that features interior enthusiasts and regular designers to design spaces with limited time, and even a limited budget.

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Through the whole competition, Stephanie has grew from a model/beauty queen to a tasteful designer. Here’s the interior design tips that she highly recommends for first time cono decorators!

1 | Character

“A home should be a reflection of yourself and reflect your personality. Whether you’re a fun creative or a focused minimalist make sure the pieces you buy reflect that. Surround yourself with furnishings you love and let your home tell a story,” Stephanie Dods points out. modern country condo, Primea Design Studio, interior designer philippines, condoliving magazine

2 | Research

Aside from the emotional side of design, she shares that it’s also important to have the logical side of a design. “Do some research. You are only as strong as your wealth of knowledge and you may come across a new style or something that you completely fall in love with.”

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3 | See things in Person

“This goes for fabric, wallpaper, paint, tiles,and furniture,” Stephanie points out. It’s always different from shopping online to shopping for the real thing, especially with interior design. The texture and finish can change the feel of a home so it’s important to go shopping in actual stores to feel the textures and see how they visually harmonize to each other.

4 | Consider Scale

Relating this to her previous tip, Stephanie encourages you to see the size and consider the scale of the products you’ll be placing in. “A lot of the times things will appear different on a larger scale. Ask to see the physical tile, ask to see the wallpaper up against a wall.” Read More: Grab your Paint Brushes! Dulux Paints Is Finally Coming to the Philippines!

5 | Lighting

One of her tips that we so agree on? The importance of lighting and how it can change your space. “Lighting is also important when deciding on furnishings. So, if you can, see things under the same lighting as you would use it at home.”

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6 | Don’t swatch

While swatches are so important to help you choose a color for your space, Stephanie suggests that it shouldn’t be your complete basis. “Buy tester pots of paint to try out at home instead of making a decision off a small swatch.” This is true, a color in its entirety, when used on a wall or any surface, can change from just that tiny paint swatch.

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