Feng Shui: Basics on Achieving Good Energy in Your Home

January 3, 2019



Patricia Paner

Feng Shui is the art form of positioning and reorganizing elements in your space to allow the balance of nature set the tone of your home. The different elements—fire, water, air, and earth, must be in harmony to achieve good Chi or universal energyThe flow of good Chi believes to welcome good health and prosperity for a better quality of life.

Feng Shui is not an activity but a continuous practice. However, as it is based on the principles of nature and good living, it isn’t as complicated as it may seem. More than anything, this art form is meant to be enjoyed, and not stressed over or forced upon ourselves. Finding joy in practicing it not only activates the positive energy that envelopes your home, but also helps in sustaining the energy as much as we can. Here are a few basic tips to help ease any beginner into the wonderful art of Feng Shui:
The Bagua
Define your home’s energy map with the use of a Bagua in order to identify how the different parts of your home may affect different aspects in your life. Begin by mapping out the floor plan of your space, be it your bedroom, your living room, or your entire house. Align the Bagua to where your front door is placed, and use a ruler to outline which section of the Bagua corresponds to the space. A space is divided according to compass points and each point represents what element should be there. By identifying the part of the Bagua that corresponds to the space, you can now identify how to furnish and decorate the space according to allow the flow of positive energy.
basic feng shui
Declutter Like Never Before
Cluttered spaces block off and prevent good energy from flowing within your home. Contrary to popular belief, having a lot of your belongings crowding your space isn’t a sign of wealth and prosperity, but instead, may be perceived as stress or chaos. The same principle applies to arranging your furniture; an abundance of space allows for harmonious Feng Shui energy to flow into the home, and creates pathways for new opportunities and good luck.

Dedicate a weekend to clearing out clutter all over your home. Trust us, decluttering is therapeutic, and makes you feel productive and accomplished at the end of the day. If you can, invest in multi-functional furniture pieces that can double as storage options like ottomans or coffee tables with cabinets and drawers.
basic feng shui
Improve the Quality of Air and Light
In order to create good Feng Shui energy, there must be a balance of nature’s elements in your living space; fresh air and generous amounts of light in your home are essentials that contribute to that balance. Fill your home with natural light by using light-colored curtains, and by investing in a good lighting plan to keep your home illuminated and bright.

If you live in an area with lots of fresh air outside, keep the windows open whenever you can. When fresh air from the outdoors isn’t an option, invest in an air purifier or a humidifier. You can even add in your favorite essential oils if you’re a fan of aromatherapy. Another option that we highly recommend is placing Feng Shui air-purifying plants in different areas of the house. These not only keep the air fresh, but also attract good energy and luck into your home as well.
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Mirrors for Utmost Abundance
Mirrors add light, movement, and dimension to a space, and are used in Feng Shui to reflect the beauty around a certain area. Use mirrors to double the abundance in your space by placing them near positive art, or across beautiful areas in the home you connect with the most. Make sure not to hang a mirror in your office, as it would reflect negative energy to the people in your life. Also prevent mirrors from reflecting cluttered areas in the house. If you’re fond of gold embellishments, use a mirror with a gold frame for an abundance of wealth.
basic feng shui
Water Flow
Water features can contribute tons of nourishing energy into your home. The two most popular water features are fountains and aquariums. If you have the space and resources to build an aquarium for your home, there are establishments that make aquariums built to fit Feng Shui specifications.

Fountains, on the other hand, are popular and more accessible Feng Shui wealth cures. To keep good graces flowing, display a fountain near the doorway, or even have a fountain built in front of your doorway outside. Be careful not to place a fountain or any water feature inside your bedroom or under a staircase.

Busted faucets and malfunctioning drains are exemptions to water flow in Feng Shui. These must be immediately repaired as these may represent loss of positive energy.
basic feng shui

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