Reimagining the World of Filipino Designs and Architecture with PINO Studio

July 14, 2021



Germaine Dilay

A multi-disciplinary design firm, PINO Studio, shares their perspective for Filipino Designs and their most recent venture in the field of architecture.

PINO Studio provides its clients a seamless design experience, offering a wide range of services in design. Think the whole nine yards in branding, packaging, photography, videography, social media, and now, architecture. It is known to be a passionate advocate for promoting Filipino designs by helping homegrown businesses reach their potential through proper branding, which is often still undervalued in the Philippines despite it encompassing all the different levels of customer engagement. Having been blessed with a growing list of foreign clients, PINO also promotes Filipino designs internationally.


Their intent to redefine the current Filipino design landscape through innovative design services is not only inherent to the design studio, but it is also incorporated in its very name. PINO is the Filipino term for refine, but is also the last four letters in Filipino. Unlike other studios who shy away from their Filipino identity, PINO embraces it completely. They believe that the Philippines has great untapped design talent and possibilities. Also, PINO simply aims to refine the Filipino experience and bring it to the international level.

What makes your company unique to other similar brands?

At the end of the day, design is an art form. It is only as good as the designers themselves. At PINO, we take pride in our excellent multi-disciplinary team of designers that excel in different fields. Since we are multi-disciplinary and operate in various fields, we are not boxed into one practice and this enables us to see design from a broader perspective. To add to that, we see design as a vehicle to not only grow our client’s business but also as a positive change for our country. With this mindset, we ensure that all of our work stands out.


What are the much-awaited plans for PINO studio?

For now, our biggest plan that we have been currently executing is called PINO Places, which is our architectural division. Our design philosophy for PINO Places is WELLNESS, which is a multi-dimensional concept of a person’s complete state of health. It includes dimensions such as physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and financial. With this philosophy, we aim to deliver places that provide its inhabitants with improved wellness. It is now very timely considering the pandemic. People are spending a lot more time indoors. Unfortunately, not all of our dwellings were designed to make people healthier. Bad designs can lead to long term severe health issues. We aim to help improve this with our services.

Featuring PINO Project: Magallanes The House That Lives


Aptly named, The House That Lives is like a living, breathing organism. Working with nature and preserving it at the same time, it is a home where life flourishes with and through the environment.

With its own passive metabolism, it is a self-sustaining residence with an environment capable of producing its own food via sunlight and rainwater harvesting. Harnessing solar energy, it has enough power to run itself without using additional electricity. Floor to ceiling windows and skylights allow an abundance of natural light to flow into and throughout the home, creating well-lit living spaces. The house also collects enough water for gardening and flushing, saving the need for more water.

  • Special Features
    • Indoor Vertical Hydroponic System
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Solar Energy
    • Dedicated Workspaces
    • Kitchen Showroom

How do you think filipino designs can improve moving forward?

For architecture, PINO believes that Filipino designers must first prioritize the wellness of the end users. We often focus on either the artistic or commercial aspects of the project and often forget that our decisions have an impact on people’s wellness. In terms of design, we must never forget that design is a vehicle of great change. Often undervalued, design now affects every aspect of our lives. As designers, we must take this responsibility seriously but also see it as an opportunity. We must use design to push forward innovative ideas and narratives that provide systemic positive feedback loops that not only ensures our survival as a culture and race, but also so we can thrive.


With design studios like PINO, we can be more optimistic. We can hang on to hope for more innovations in the design and architecture industry, for happier and healthier end-users. On a much larger scale, through better designs, we can look forward and move towards a better Philippines.

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