BluPrint is about to celebrate 20 years in publication. In anticipation of that, we unearth the first Editor’s Note of every editor-in-chief we ever had. Below is the one written by Tina Bonan for our maiden issue, Volume 1, 1999.

Does an editor always have to know how to write?

For weeks, this editorial message has been floating in my subconscious, craving expression in words. It is not easy—my profession as an architect/designer has honed me to see, experience, feel, and express my thoughts and sentiments spatially. My drama and my passion do not include capturing moments in the best of words, but in the best of images.

With BluPrint, I am to do both. The magazine offers not just a visual aesthetic feast, but also valuable information on architecture and design. As the professional’s new sourcebook, I hope it will be our partner in becoming the architects of the new century that we have always wanted to be. Let it be an eye-opener to help us be responsible and creative builders of the future.

For our maiden issue, we have included a good range of projects covering Leisure, Commercial, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Residential, and Institutional building types, as well as Planning and Restoration. We also take you to Hong Kong and Beijing—our first foray into overseas projects.

As your global window, BluPrint will bring you more international landmarks in future issues.

“There is more beyond,” writes G.V. Manahan speaking of the “all-encompassing ocean” that is architecture in our Commentary section. Certainly, this magazine gives you a veritable landscape of useful information. For starters, we have compiled a detailed Industry Calendar of fairs and exhibits relevant to your practice; the latest news in the industry; and a Shopping Guide on floor surfaces offering a variety of options. For techies, we have articles on CADD and the Expo’s Freedom Ring. For design buffs, check out the latest in furniture design in “Now and Zen.”

And what about the people behind all those impressive structures or design concepts? In this issue, read about some of these contemporary icons: I.P. Santos, Arturo Luz, and Michael Graves. On Professional Practice, leading architects talk about coping with the economic crisis. Architects Willy Yu, Bong Recio, Ron Miranda, and Pipo and Cathy Carunungan among others also shed some light on the pros and cons of working with foreign consultants.

On a lighter note, take a peek at India’s crafts and bounties in our Travel section; architecture of the past as capture in vintage photographs; and books and music for a bachelor’s den as recommended by experts.

“There is more beyond”—and we have only just begun.

BluPrint is my new beginning. It is MMPI’s (Mega Magazine & Publishing Inc.) new beginning. We hope you will let it be a part of yours. 

Edits by Angel Yulo

Header image courtesy of Vitaliy Paykov via Unsplash

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