From Minimal to Grand: Bathroom Style Trends That Match Your Taste

September 25, 2021



Jeronne De Villa

Make the aura of your home’s most sacred space attuned in accordance to your sensibilities through Wilcon Depot’s vast expanse of interior design offerings

Aside from its usual functions, bathrooms serve as a serene haven where solitude and solace takes precedence over anything. With that in mind, it makes sense that such a space should spark a sensation of comfort everytime you come inside. Through an impressive interior design and with the right materials combined together, your bathrooms can always look astonishing whether you’re looking for a minimal or flamboyant setup. Always keep in mind the importance of using uniformed textures, finishes, and materials, as well as the bathroom fixtures which play a big role in the kind of interior you envision. Luckily, you have the chance to explore a few fascinating design ideas for your bathroom makeover with Wilcon Depot, your trusted home and building store.

Keeping it class

An elegant Old English Style interior is usually orchestrated with pieces fashioning intricate designs and shapes that come together to form an eccentric structure. To achieve this setup in your bathroom space, incorporate textured pieces and earthy elements such as old wood, stone, and glass. This style also features unique grandeur curves and graceful edges that give off palatial vibes around your space.

A united combination of colors, textures, and shapes define the Scandinavian design philosophy

To get you started on this sophisticated setup, install tiles that exude a classic royal vibe such as the Cifre Bulevar Tile Collection. Encapsulate the aged-but-luxurious ambiance that you’re aiming for with a pendant glass lamp from Alphalux, as well as with the addition of a few indulging touches such as a vintage-styled lavatory faucet paired with an under-mount sink from Kohler. To achieve a tip-top antique vibe, pull the Old English Style off with well-suited additions such as the Pozzi clawfoot bathtub and Kohler Memoirs Toilet bowl, both inspired by the 1800’s furniture style.

Catch the modern-industrial look 

When you envision a modern-industrial interior, you will often see pieces and materials that may look initially exposed, but remain tastefully sound aesthetic-wise. This means that natural materials such as metal, stone, and dark wood are tastefully bared to give it that raw, eye-catching style. A modern tweak such as this will require you to go for floorings that are subtle yet also imposing, such as the Gardenia. The textured surface of these dark-colored tiles will make a vogue statement in your bathroom. 

The modern-industrial style allows the natural state of its high-quality materials shine

You also have the chance to go all-out with an exposed shower set and glass shower partition from Pozzi, as well as a countertop rectangular lavatory vessel from Kohler—all designed to fit seamlessly with this distinct motif. A pendant metal lamp from Alphalux will add an extra level of depth to this setup when paired with this dark wood framed mirror from Heim. To complete the modern-industrial ambiance, adding a mirror-type element may also help in making your bathroom area appear more spacious. 

Make it Scandinavian

A united combination of colors, textures, and shapes define the Scandinavian design philosophy

If you prefer an aesthetic that highlights clean lines and neutral colors, the Scandinavian interior design is a solid option to explore as a style philosophy that can harmonize your bathroom’s shapes, textures, and colors into a single eye-pleasing design. Integrate a true Scandinavian interior with white and wood pieces such as this sleek pendant lamp from Alphalux, this bathroom cabinet with lightwood finish from Pozzi, and this wooden frame mirror from Heim. To keep the transparency of the Scandinavian beauty, a breadth of options for tiles can be spotted from STN Ceramica, each of which offers an unblemished allure that maintains the aesthetic value of your bathroom space.

A Contemporary-Minimalist setup

The Contemporary-Minimalist style utilizes sleek silhouettes that emphasize transparency and openness

Are you a fan of clean lines, subtle elegance, and seamless textures? These are the features that define the Contemporary-Minimalist setup; a design philosophy that focuses on trendy pieces such as rounded fixtures, irregular shapes, as well as open spaces that form a transparent visual for your entire bathroom space. Set this subtle vibe around your bathroom space with cement-finish tiles from Arte Ceramiche, chic black bathroom pieces such as shower systems and lavatory faucets from Sefa, as well as elegant mirrors from Heim in order to embellish your space with this motif. 

An ode to the seas

Dreaming of catching the line where the sky meets the sea? This teal-heavy ocean interior for your bathroom space gives off a light and refreshing ambiance fit that screams beaches and coasts. Start with these glossy wall tiles from Herberia—as they carry vibrant and soothing colors that uplift the entire aesthetic of your area. Spruce your entire bathroom up with an assortment of coastal-themed bathroom accessories, decors, and multi-purpose pieces from Heim, as well as matching wall-mounted faucets, countertop basins, and wall-hung toilet bowls from Grohe to achieve that full makeover effect. These coast-inspired pieces can greatly alter your bathroom’s aesthetic value and quality.

Luscious and vibrant hues allows for a relaxing aesthetic in your coastal-themed bathroom space

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