FUSION: The United Architects of The Philippines Hosts the First Virtual Annual National Convention

April 22, 2021



Shan Arcega

The three-day event will go on from April 22 to 24.

From today until April 24, the UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) will be hosting the first virtual National Convention. Taking on the theme of fusion, this is the first virtual event for the organization and is considered a groundbreaking gathering amidst the difficulties brought on by the pandemic. 

“In this convention, we shall promote the meddling of ideas, alliance, and networking among architects and other professionals, collaborative synergism with creative minds, and blending of architectural solutions for the good of the Filipino community,” says Architect Renato A. Heray, FUAP and current president of the UAP on an article regarding the event. 

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This year, the event represents shared aspirations and ideals brought on by the fellowship, as well as of the cultivation of ideas in the UAP. Today, FUSION was kickstarted by keynote speaker Architect Daniel Go of Architecture and Design Inc. and past president of UAP and inspirational speaker for the event, Architect Nestor Mangio. 

united architects of the philippines
united architects of the philippines

“It is also my hope that in this convention, we strengthen and further observe the celebration of the 100 years of architecture in the Philippines, a year-long milestone that we have prepared for,” adds Architect Renato A. Heray, FUAP. 

The United Architects of the Philippines has over 42,000 members and is the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects (IAPOA) in the Philippines. Established in 1974, this organization advocates for sustainable design and practices, diversity, and elevating the stature of architecture as a profession in the Philippines. Since its inception, it has been honored with several awards including the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)’s Most Outstanding Accredited Professional-Organization award. 

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