3 Places in the Home Where Excessive Use of Technology Should be Banned

February 12, 2018



Pat Herbolario

Technology has helped the world in so many ways. In terms of living at home, it has also done its fair share. We have mobile application controlled homes, wi-fi connected speakers, automatic cleaning robots, and toilets that wash you after your business. While these advances are great, the challenge to truly connect at home as a family is a growing issue.

To address this, more and more households are opting to ban gadgets in certain areas of their home. Sure, your kids might roll their eyes and you might join them in banning phones and other gadgets from select rooms, but trust us when we say it’s for the best.

Selecting areas in the home to be technology-free isa growing trend with families around the world. In an annual research by IKEA, people are growing more and more conscious about the way technology affects relationships inside the home. In the study, 30% limit screen time when at home.

Here are 3 areas that we recommend should be gadget-free at all times!

1 Dining Room

Call us old-fashioned but phones, tablets, and laptops should be banned from the dinner table, especially during dinner time. Having a meal together is one of the best times to bond as a family. In IKEA’s study, 47%  of people ban phones at the dinner table. This can lead to a more nurturing environment for you and your family. Before you eat dinner, allot a box where everyone drops their phones in. This way, you all get to chit-chat about how your days went.

2 Living Room

Be it movie night or a night of scrabble with the family, family bonding nights should be kept gadget-free. Unless you’re playing on a mobile application together.

3 The Bedroom

The bedroom is a safe haven and should be meant for rest and romance only, especially according to Feng Shui. Your bedroom should be a personal space where you can retreat, not a space to lie and scroll through bad news after bad news on your newsfeed. Keep your phones on your nightstand or a far away study desk so you can truly rest after a busy day.

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