Remembering the well-loved professor Geronimo Manahan

February 20, 2018



Joven Ignacio

Dean Geronimo Manahan was an educator who taught students and colleagues the meaning of what it is to be a man for others.

He is a friend who tries to unite head with heart, offers advice on issues other than academic matters, and is honest enough to tell you what he feels the real reason is why things aren’t working out.

His stock knowledge is legendary. He was always willing to share his knowledge and as a consequence was frequently called upon to answer the random trivia question, which is why he was often called a walking encyclopedia.

Geronimo Manahan | sketch by Mel Patrick Kasingsing
Geronimo V. Manahan | Sketch by Mel Patrick Kasingsing

He showed me the joy of discovery and the virtue of thinking clearly. He was a model of integrity and courage in the face of adversity.

Many professors, architects, designers, planners, and developers went into their professions because of his encouragement. We would never have found the courage to persevere if our teacher had not opened our eyes and taught us how to work with others.

We admire so many mentors, successful professionals in their own respective fields, but once in a while, there is one who continues to inspire and whose guidance continues to be felt even after one has graduated, gotten jobs, transferred companies and changed zip codes. You could say his influence has transcended time and space.

Geronimo V. Manahan (a937-2018) was a former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Architecture. He was also the 8th recipient of the United Architects of the Philippines’ Likha Awards. 

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