Located in Sta. Ines, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga, Hardin Bnb is a place that offers serenity and inspiration. Beautifully designed by the owner, Leslie Bituin-Mendiola of JB Woodcrafts, and her daughter, Micah, It currently has one villa with it a private pool and a deck that overlooks the fish pond.

The villa’s minimal concrete architecture embraces indoor-outdoor living, with large glass doors that can be left open to enjoy the garden and pool view. The villa’s lower level features a lounge and entertainment area and the mezzanine as the sleeping area. The materials used for the staircase, railings, and flooring were all from their old office. The bathroom has a sunroof and receives copious Morning light everyday. Despite the coldness of the concrete, the villa still manages to feel cozy and warm due to the genius choice of malachite green accents on the villa’s decor and chairs. The beautiful light fixtures Leslie and her daughter chose for this project retains an industrial feel softened by the wood elements providing guests a sample of the owner’s taste and aesthetic.

The owner’s mom, legendary Myrna Bituin’s antique furniture, can be seen around Hardin Bnb. These are mixed with beautifully crafted classic furniture that their furniture company has made. The chairs painted and upholstered in shades of Black, Green, and Gray gives a touch of refinement in juxtaposition to the industrial feel of the alfresco dining area.

Hardin Bnb can accommodate intimate events in the outdoor dining area where guests can see the brick wall that used to be the furnace and the chimney that served the exhaust for the heating system of the kiln-drying chambers. Some parts of the old structure and equipment, like the forklift, were kept hold of to encapsulate the history of Hardin Bnb. They plan to construct more villas for next year and to establish more foliage in the garden. Hardin Bnb is situated in a compound of other establishments owned by Leslie’s siblings.  

The owner’s family pioneered the export of hand-carved components and furniture in Pampanga. Now the second generation of furniture makers is taking the initiative to introduce the concept of adaptive reuse to their province and is very successful at building places with charm, character, identity, and history.

To schedule a stay, please send a message on their Instagram: @thehardinbnb or through Facebook: The Hardin Bnb

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