Green Machine: how adding green walls can lead to clean, healthy spaces

November 7, 2019



Gabrielle De La Cruz

Sustainability is an important aspect of architecture, and even moreso today. Green walls are perceived to be one of the most effective sustainability measures utilized in architecture, preventing dust accumulation, improving air quality, contributing to healthier humidity, promoting energy efficiency and adjusting sound frequency. Many studies have presented the positive effects of furnishing green walls into ones homes and spaces, a solution to the urban constraints presented by today’s crowded cities. 

Tracing back its history to ancient civilizations, where our ancestors cultivated hanging gardens for various purposes. One of the original seven wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is known to be the oldest green wall system. And just as how the ancient Babylonians had to craft intricate systems of irrigation and leveling to get the hanging gardens to work, today’s designers, installers, and manufacturers have to consider many things when creating a green wall and for it to perform effectively: the security of the wall foundation, load calculations, plant variations, proper irrigation systems and proper placement.

Vertical Green installation at Holland Village PARK Singapore

Vertical Green has been configuring vertical planting systems into modern spaces since 2009. Within 10 years, the design and building company has established branches in five countries, namely Singapore, where its head office is (2009), China (2013), Malaysia (2015), Indonesia (2017), and more recently, the Philippines (2018).  

Known for bringing vertical landscape designs to urban communities, Vertical Green brought innovation to green walls with the HyGroWall, one of the thinnest green wall systems in Asia.  The system has progressively added on new features and functionalities to address everchanging needs and realities. 

Parts of Vertical Green’s HyGroWall

Vertical Green Philippines has installed green walls in buildings and establishments such as NEX Tower, Skytech IT Park Pampanga, Citadines Salcedo, Innisfree Mall of Asia branch, with more on the pipeline. 

Green wall configuration at Skytech IT Park Pampanga

Be it interior or exterior walls or facades, vertical planting systems are equipped with container plant systems and soil, structural, or growth mediums. Load-bearing walls made of either bricks, concrete, steel, or wood stud support the panels with steel frames. Tank watering systems and waterproof layers are also included to keep the fixtures functional. 

Vertical Green shows that coupling nature with innovative design solutions can lead to clean, healthy, and sustainable spaces that look good and make you feel great.

Images courtesy of Vertical Green

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