Make Holiday Drives More Exciting with Saltwater Supercars

December 20, 2018



Stephanie Ferrer

The holidays are upon us once again, which means that holiday shopping and get-togethers with loved ones are here to keep everyone busy and stuck in traffic. The hassle of sitting in the car and burning gas idly used to make even the highest spirits falter during the most joyous season—not anymore. Look forward to long drives with gas fill-ups and car collectibles from Shell.

Running on one of the most abundant liquids on the planet, Shell’s new Saltwater Supercar Collection boasts a new kind of alternative energy powering a set of sleek and covetable toy racecars. Each supercar is equipped with a metal plate that generates electricity when it comes into contact with saltwater. Allowing the supercars to look more suave as they speed past, four colors and designs are available in the collection: the ominous black Shadow, the hot red Fireball, the bright yellow Sunchaser, and the crisp white Lightning. What’s more, customization is also possible on these with the stickers that come with each supercar.

With just a few drops of saltwater, these supercars are all set to zoom on the Sugar Cane Racetrack that comes with the set, complete with customizable stickers too. Made from bagasse, the racetrack is 100% biodegradable and organic to help push a more eco-friendly way to enjoy the supercars. And to add to the joys of racing your own supercars, a percentage of each purchase will go to Baseco Philippines (Plastic Bank) to support the cause of waste management in the country!

Driving around the city during the holidays is now more enjoyable and thrilling, thanks to Shell’s Saltwater Supercars! Get your own Saltwater Supercar and Racetrack for a limited time only in selected Shell gas stations for every PHP 500.00 single or accumulated purchase of fuels, for every single PHP 150.00 purchase of Shell Select or Deli2go, and for every single change oil using HX7 and HX7 Ultra at participating SHOC + and Shell Helix Service Centers.

For more information, visit Shell’s website

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