Recognized worldwide as a front-runner of design technology, Aidea sets the pace for Southeast Asia’s architectural firms. Architect Jojo Tolentino reveals the story behind the success of 25 years in a company that has remained at the forefront of architecture in the Philippines and beyond.

With more than 800 products in 60 countries worldwide, Jojo Tolentino has guided Aidea through countless challenges to become one of world’s best architectural design practices. The company’s many awards and recognitions include 39 on the World Architecture 100 list for 2021, and the BCI Asia Top 10 Awards. Aidea pioneered the use of the 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM), which enables users to view planned designs through an immersive virtual reality experience.

Weathering crises in the past

Jojo Tolentino began working with Aidea in the midst of the 1997 financial crisis in Asia. As with many other businesses at the time, Aidea was facing an uncertain future. Through careful management of resources and skillful marketing, the company performed excellent work and survived the crisis, achieving growth and success.

Landmark projects

Aidea began with renovation projects and interior redesigns. As time went on, their commitment to investing in relationships and their close attention to clients’ requirements won them more and more significant projects.

Cebu Landmasters
Aidea recently completed 28 Park Avenue, a condominium tower set in an urban park concept.
Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center
Makati architecture
Aidea’s first high-rise project. The Columns on Ayala Avenue is one of Makati’s most recognizable structures.

Foray into virtual technology

Jojo Tolentino VR Tech
3D Building Information Modelling technology enabled Gensler and Aidea to transcend the limitations of international collaboration in designing The Finance Tower.

Jojo Tolentino’s passion for innovation surpasses any fears of change or reluctance to let go of old, comfortable ways. His penchant for being an early adopter of technology has directed Aidea towards its position as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). The technology allows architects, designers, engineers, and their clients to view virtual prototypes and co-create designs in an unprecedented way.

futuristic architecture
“Urban Rainforest” was conceptualized by Aidea as a futuristic Filipino township.

Future outlook

A mindset of adaptability and innovation has enabled Jojo Tolentino to shape Aidea into a resilient organization. Their continued commitment to pursuing long-term goals and choosing quality over trends allows them to create solutions that address not just today’s problems, but ensure future-proof structures. Jojo Tolentino outlines his convictions as a leader in the field of architecture:

“By being adaptable, agile, and by embracing technology, you can actually thrive instead of merely survive in the present, and become impervious to anything the future may bring.”

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