Connecting minds and creating the future: Expo 2020 Dubai was designed to celebrate international collaboration and the sharing of architecture and culture. The world expo, featuring awe-inspiring and interactive structures by more than a hundred participating countries, is set to draw millions of visitors to its immersive spectacle.

expo Dubai 2020
expo Dubai 2020
expo Dubai 2020
expo Dubai 2020

Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability

The Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions are organized thematically into three districts, each centered around the main pavilion. The districts are connected by the Al Wasl Plaza by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the world’s largest unsupported dome.

At the heart of the Mobility District is “Alif”, designed by Foster+Partners, which executes the theme with the world’s largest passenger lift and a semi-underground 330-meter track that takes visitors on a tour of various mobility devices, showcasing the latest in space exploration.

The “Terra” pavilion by Grimshaw houses a captivating nature-themed 3D installation within the structure’s circular geometry. Other Sustainability pavilions offer entertaining and educational experiences concerning ecological initiatives, such as Czech Republic’s exhibit on fertilizing barren land. The Singapore pavilion’s undulating gardens and the Brazil pavilion’s water plaza invite visitors into a rich multisensory experience.

“Mission Possible” by AGi Architects offers a vast canvas for the socially interactive events that characterize the Opportunity district of Expo 2020 Dubai, where visitors can exchange ideas and information with society’s prime movers and inventors.

“It feels like a home away from home”: The Philippines’ “Bangkóta” pavilion

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) was the main organizer of the Philippine pavilion. It was designed by Budji+Royal Architecture+Design, in collaboration with curator Marian Pastor Roces.

The organic, flowing structure is inspired by the form of the bangkóta (“coral reef” in ancient Tagalog) and features distinctive Filipino art and architecture, in addition to food and authentic Filipino artisanal products. The exhibits detail the 4,000-year journey of the Filipino people, from our Austronesian ancestors to our widespread and hyperconnected international diaspora. Filipino workers in Dubai were exceptionally delighted by the experience of familiar designs and products.

With its goal of exploring the power of connections, the success of Expo 2020 Dubai is the success of nations working together to overcome global catastrophe. The Philippines’ participation is a fitting testament to the resilience of the Filipino spirit, highlighting those who carry our culture beyond our shores and create connections all over the world.

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