How to Bring Gold into Your Home Like a Champ

September 3, 2021



Jeronne De Villa

They say that the home is a sacred space. What better way to honor it other than adorning it?

Since the dawn of man, the precious metal has quite literally become the gold standard of value across all aspects of society, including our home interiors. Exuding glamour and opulence, gold is an element that can easily be well-loved when put into any area of a home. Whether it’s through tiles, home decor, furniture, and other home fixtures, gold is always a definite win in adding bold yet elegant pieces to your home. Here are a couple of striking gold pieces from Wilcon you can add to your space today.

Add the glitz in your lighting

Lighting is one of the first and most easily noticed pieces when entering a home. The shape, design, and structure of your lighting fixture can either elevate or taint your home interior. Add a sparkling touch of gold to your fixtures and usher in elegance with these pendant lights from Alphalux. The warm golden shade matched with the reflective lights will perfectly complement a palatial vibe in your space.

Sprinkle gold in your space with decor

When trying to pull off an exquisite and posh makeover for your home, you can count on a variety of golden decor pieces to truly embellish your newly-reimagined interior. Heim offers a few stunning choices for golden decor that will surely become fan-favorite statement pieces for any occasion. From eye-catching centerpieces to quaint wall decor, golden accents are always a show-stopper in any space.

Create emphasis with furniture

If you prefer to go all out with your bold, aurelian pieces, dazzle a few eyes with our latest collection of golden-finished furniture. Heim carries many unique designs that range from modern and minimal, to country and contemporary style. When sprucing it up with large golden pieces, it’s important to take note in maintaining the overall balance of the aesthetic, and to avoid going too overboard with gold’s easily overpowering aesthetic.

Perfect the reflection with mirrors

There are a number of reasons why mirrors are always an excellent idea for any space. Mirrors allow more light to enter your home, and provide the illusion of making your space seem wider as it reflects your interior. They also happen to serve as ravishing decor, so feel free to elevate your space by adding mirrors with golden frames, Heim offers a wide variety of mirrors ranging from free-standing and minimal-looking ones to irregular shapes with striking golden frames that offer a multi-purpose design.

Splash gold onto walls and floors

If you prefer to go away from the hassle of decision-making with home decor, you can easily opt to apply accent tiles with a golden touch instead. Italian makers Gardenia Orchidea offers multiple wall tiles crafted with Greek-inspired designs, shapes, and patterns; bringing in a luxurious aura throughout your whole space. Energie Ker on the other hand, carries wall and floor tiles carrying marble elements and stylized with elegant unique gold streaks; capturing a truly bold yet sophisticated statement in your home.

Fill your bathroom with golden strokes

Moving from the big and posh home pieces, you also have the chance to sprinkle a gleam of gold in your bathroom using bathroom essentials and accessories. Keep your special vanity space looking fancy and regal with these bathroom accessories from Heim. You can also upgrade your sink area with functional lavatory faucets and fixtures furnished with gold accents from Grohe.

Finish it off with fancy housewares

Adding the visual of gold into your home can also be achieved in relatively more subtle ways. One option to incorporate gold in your houseware may be achieved through a multitude of centerpieces, plates, placemats, and other home essentials. These additions leave a soft yet exquisite touch in the overall aesthetic of your space. A refined selection of houseware for your dining set with gold finishes can be found from Heim, while Homebasics and Sefa offer an assortment of kitchen organizing essentials presenting a gold finish to complement any interior philosophy. 

It’s time to go for gold. Achieve the refined and regal aura that your space deserves; an aura that can only be achieved with the endless possibilities that Wilcon Depot can provide. 

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