How to Tune in to Comfort: A Throwback on the Tempur Event

September 14, 2023



Shan Arcega

Great and relaxing nights usually have one formula. First would be a rousing moment that wakes your curiosity and makes your energy bubble. Then, there’s a time for calm to help the happy hormones momentarily die down enough for true rest to take center stage after a long and tiring week. When it comes to having a bedroom that caters to one’s exhaustion, it’s important that form closely follows function.

The All New Tempur Pro – Experience the most adaptive Tempur mattress ever with 20% more pressure relief.

“Tune in For Comfort” was a highly anticipated event from Tempur–the company that researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes mattresses, pillows, and other sleep products that allow people to sleep a little better. Since 2005, the company has been locally presenting groundbreaking products that redefine comfort while embracing cutting-edge technology. Last August, this event unveiled Tempur’s new Pro mattress collection which includes the Tempur Pro Plus Smartcool Mattresses. 

Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga indulged in a soothing experience with Tempur, as guests reclined on the Tempur Pro mattress, all while being entertained by engaging improv and jazz performances.
Vern Enciso-Lim enjoyed a cozy afternoon on a Tempur mattress, listening to soulful jazz by Extrapolation.
Elevating comfort to a whole new level with the Tempur Adjustable Bed as demonstrated by Bea Benedicto. This Tempur Adjustable Bed complements the all-new Tempur Pro mattress collection perfectly.
Kirk Bondad could not resist the Ultimate Comfort of the All-New Tempur Pro Mattress Collection.
Focus Global Inc President Stephen Sy Reflects on Tempur’s Continued Commitment to Delivering Optimal Rest to Filipinos Since the Brand’s Introduction in 2005.
James Deakin takes a well-deserved break, leisurely reclining and elevating his feet on the luxurious Tempur mattress, all while sharing the exceptional experience with his online followers.

Being an immersive experience, the event allowed guests to fully experience these mattresses in a more authentic way through an improv performance from the highly acclaimed improv group, SPIT Manila who urged visitors to practice mental agility by participating alongside the group to give the event a more unique and dimensional experience. This was followed by a captivating performance by Extrapolation, the renowned jazz ensemble famous for their soulful melodies and remarkable music. 

“We aimed to create an event that not only showcases the innovation behind Tempur’s new Pro
mattress collection but also delivers an immersive experience that resonates with our guests,”
shared Mayen Yuzon, Senior Business Manager of Tempur. “Through unscripted
entertainment, exceptional music, and innovative products, we aimed to redefine the notion of

Jason Nicholas, Managing Director for Tempur International, Introduces Tempur Pro Mattress – Where Innovation and Sustainability Converge. The Future of Sleep Is Here.

This ambiance and energy were further enhanced by the Tempur Pro Plus’ SmartCool cover that makes the thread 75% cooler compared to Tempur’s usual covers. Though ambiance and energy are both especially important in having a good rest, it’s also vital to have bedding and mattress that suits your preferences. 

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Aside from its smart cooling, the Tempur Pro mattresses carry the MADE IN GREEN OEKO-TEX label–a certification that recognizes Tempur’s contribution to sustainability. Tempur is globally one of the first mattress and pillow brands in the Philippines to achieve this highly ambitious certification. Preference-wise, the mattress is highly adaptive to one’s body shape, responding to one’s exact shape, weight, and warmth. With its highly advanced materials, it relieves 20% more pressure from the body.

Photos courtesy of TempurPH

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