Huw Roberts: Leading Graphisoft to a World Where Buildings Makes People’s Lives Better

August 31, 2022



Chad Losanta

Innovation has always been at the core of Graphisoft’s mission to “empower teams to create great architecture” through its award-winning software. As Graphisoft celebrates 40 years of innovative excellence, no one is more qualified to share what’s next on the company’s roadmap than its CEO, Huw Roberts.

Graphisoft CEO, Huw Roberts

Before being named Graphisoft’s CEO, Roberts was Graphisoft’s VP for the Americas. Prior to Graphisoft, Roberts already held key leadership roles at other companies in the past. Making use of his creativity and vigor, he focuses on adding value to customers, maximizing market impact, driving business transformation, and empowering teams. 

Now leading Graphisoft into the future after four decades of innovation, he intends to lead the company in the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders through Graphisoft’s new vision and roadmap for continued success. This new vision believes in a world where “buildings make people’s lives better” and to achieve this, they must focus on their road map composed of multiple lanes—each with plans for exciting new features, capabilities, and enhancements. These lanes are Architecture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Design Team Collaboration, and Productive Ecosystems.

This new vision reminds Graphisoft where they are in the present and what that entails for their future. “Building on that strong platform that we have [right now with] our new approaches to growth and expanding our portfolio, adapting and expanding our technology set and approach, and other aspects of moving forward, looking back.” For Roberts, Graphisoft’s 40th anniversary is not just a pivotal point, but a marker to remind them where they are now and how to proceed.

Please visit their website to learn more about Archicad and other award-winning software and services from Graphisoft.

Photos by: Ed Simon

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