Immersive Theater in the Philippines: Remembering Tipsy Tales’ Lambana

July 13, 2023



Shan Arcega

There’s magic about the theaters that can’t be replicated by any other form of art. An immersive experience that ensnares the most sensitive senses, the art portrayed in theaters can further be improved by actually placing people within the performance space, surrounding them with the magical worlds created by creative minds. In immersive theater, the artists are able to create settings where the participants can still be aware of the fellow audience member right next to them, and sometimes even technology can take the forefront.

Here in the Philippines, recent art exhibits have been rearing their heads and making use of large spaces to pull people into exhibits of some of the world’s most renowned artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Van Gough.

The entrance to Tipsy Tales’ Lambana is covered in hypnotic foliage reminiscent of a dream-like forest.

Around 2019, an immersive 75-minute theater experience in a shopping mall in Quezon City became a trending talk of the town for the thrilling and whimsical experience people go through as they venture through a fantasy setting where Philippine folklore takes the spotlight. The story begins through a telling by the narrator–lola who tells the story of a girl and her fabled adventures with the creatures of Philippine folklore.

The kapre’s domain is filled to the brim with beautiful props and interesting characters.

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Lambana reminisces days spent in your grandparents’ comfortable home.

In a time where people are engrossed with phone screens, immersive theaters and their stage designs are the places that bring people farther into the fantasy worlds their minds long to dive into after a long day of work. In these experiences, artists are also able to incorporate highly technical and immersive stage designs that let their audiences dive deeper into a multi-sensory experience that in turn lets the artist explore even more artistic ideas.

Photos courtesy of Tipsy Tales official Facebook page.

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