To be luxurious is to bask yourself in the wonders of color, material, music, scent, technology–anything that will indulge your senses. When you experience luxury, you find the layers of detail and expression embedded in the products at every corner of your home and bring them together to experience a feeling. Yes, luxury is a feeling, first and foremost. It is personalized and truly immersive. It is about finding the beauty in every detail and feeling a sense of delight that adds an entirely new dimension of wellness into your everyday life. At its core, experiential luxury is the combination of the right experience and the right expression. This year, Kohler set this as their perspective of the year and seeked to share this experience to everyone through their line of smart products that engages all of the senses.

The Veil Lighted Bathroom Collection with Kohler Konnect

In this era of technological integration, Kohler has designed an interconnected living with smart home products under Kohler Konnect. The Verdera mirror is the main control center, illuminating the bathroom with a soft light once you walk up to it. Voice commands allow you to ready the toilet, start the shower system, or fill the bathtub. And like most voice assistants, it can help you with various tasks such as note-taking, reminders, and reading the news for the day. Intelligent toilets such as the Numi toilet deliver the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. You’re free to customize the ambient lighting, play your favorite tunes wirelessly, and adjust the seat and feet temperature to your liking. Auditory and hands-free control ensures that you can truly immerse yourself in the moment.

The Kohler Components collection features different spout and handle combinations allowing you to bring a touch of your personality into the room

But for some, the strongest emotional connections starts with a touch. Kohler understands this through their attention to material. For beautiful and personalized expressions of design, Kohler adds subtlety in luxury through Etch and Vibrant Ombre finishes on faucets and knobs that intrigue and surprise users with its harmonious color and pattern transitions. For a uniquely intricate visual, the Kensho sink combines decorative Japanese stitching patterns with Italian aquaforte etching for a handcrafted work of art. The right finish on these overlooked components can set the tone for your design story and personality.

Kohler Kensho trough vessel bathroom sink in Grey Foussana

For a complete orchestration of the interplay of water, music, steam, and light, Kohler gives the experience of true shower luxury in the DTV+. The shower’s touchscreen interface controls the entire multi-sensory experience. It gives you total rejuvenation through customized temperature, timing, and shower component coordination all with a simple touch. Feel the streams of water fall from above, and splashes on your body’s sides down to the feet.

Through unexpected combinations among technology, color, pattern, and material, every element in the spaces we live in not only captivate and delight us, but also reclaim our personal spaces as realms for new experiences. There lies the ultimate luxury–product design that enables us to reconnect with ourselves through streamlined and simplified environments.

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